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July 16, 2024, 10:47:46 pm

Author Topic: Affordable and Comprehensive UCAT Workshop  (Read 3613 times)  Share 

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Affordable and Comprehensive UCAT Workshop
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:31:42 pm »
Hello all,
I graduated Melbourne High School last year, and will be studying medicine at Monash University this year. I completely understand what some of you may be going through with regards to the UCAT and medicine entrance (I was in a similar position this time last year). I'll be honest, I didn't even know if I could be bothered studying for the UCAT due to not even knowing where to start and the extremely high requirements to get an interview offer. However, it was after talking to a few medical admission experts and past students I realised that everyone starts at the same place, and the difference is made by your hard work throughout the year. I completely disagree with the attitude that "you can't study for the UCAT" because this may discourage very capable individuals from working towards their goals, and this provides a justification to give up on the UCAT if no improvement has been made. I almost fell into this trap.

When looking for UCAT tutors and workshops to attend last year, I was disheartened when I realised how expensive they were with many tutors charging more than $50/hour without having even sat the test. Now that Iíve done well on my UCAT I have decided to run a UCAT presentation similar to the ones that other prep companies are doing for as low as $15/hour. Classes will go for three hours to ensure that we have enough time to go over everything required in detail. Group sizes will be small so we can go through strategies and questions together, with the sessions being very personalised. Iíve already done sessions with 20 people in 2021 already and the response was great, so if you are interested do not hesitate to dm me.
The main benefits of attending a workshop is that it helps clear up any misconceptions about your journey into medical school and helps make you aware of the skills required in each subtest and the various strategies required to overcome them. Personally, I think workshops have a greater value for money than tutoring as you can learn all the skills at once at a relatively cheaper price. However, the amount that some companies and individuals are charging are ridiculous with the information given being very basic. I plan to run my presentation by incorporating the strengths of some of the workshops I attended, as well as adding my own advice that I've learnt throughout the year (and anything in general I would have liked to have known at the start of my UCAT journey).

So just a bit of backstory, I started my UCAT prep in December 2019 and scored 3110 (97th percentile) this year, and have recieved numerous interview offers including at the University of Adelaide, the University of Queensland, Charles Sturt University, the University of Newcastle and New England (JMP), and Monash University. I think itís important to start your prep around now if you are serious about the UCAT to ensure that you have a strong foundation to really improve on throughout the year.

In this session I will go through over 160 slides about:
- the importance of the UCAT
- my own timeline for my UCAT prep, and how I paced myself throughout the year (how I split up my exams, review, etc)
- each individual subtest and will explain the different strategies you can use (and how to use them properly):
∑ for VR, this includes three main strategies and ways to improve reading speed and retention
∑ for DM, this includes the various strategies for all 5 question types and the best methods of working out
∑ for QR, this includes identifying shortcuts, and knowing when to skip
∑ for AR, this includes ways to improve speed, pattern recognition, avoiding traps, and skipping
∑ for SJ, this includes identifying key themes and strategies to get the correct answer
- resource recommendations (and how to use them)
- how to improve from wrong questions
- planning your year (such as how to space out mocks, reviews, and general practice questions)
- general advice (the UCAT as a whole including skipping, guessing, mocks etc)
Feel free to DM me for a more comprehensive description of what this package entails, or any questions.
I have already ran these classes for around 15 students in the 2 weeks since I have started, and the responses have been great.

1) I can add you to a group for $20/hour
2) If you bring a friend (or bring 2 to form your own group of min 3 ppl), you can have a discounted price of $15/hour
3) If you want a one on one session for the workshop, it will be $35/hour
(Students who have joined the workshop will also be eligible for personalised one on one sessions where we will be going through your mocks, identify your mistakes, and develop strategies to improve your score)

If youíre interested or have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message
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