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December 01, 2022, 01:23:53 pm

Author Topic: New syllabus, 99.60 ATAR, 99 chem 94 bio 93 eng adv, selling notes, tutoring  (Read 8760 times)  Share 

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Hi all,

I'm selling my notes for Chemistry, Biology and English Advanced

I got an ATAR of 99.60 in 2019 and have comprehensive notes for all 3 subjects. I have gone through several textbooks for my science notes and more than 500 pages of academic theses for english and I am confident that these notes will help immensely in attaining a band 6.

The texts my English notes covers
- 1984
- Plath & Hughes (all poems)
- King Henry IV Part 1
- 13 Ways of Looking

I am also offering Chemistry/Biology tutoring for those based in Sydney for $40/hour, with the first lesson being half price. The first lesson will cover the best way to study/how to deal with a lack of motivation throughout the year and further lessons will include going over different ways of learning content, exam technique and extension work.

DM me for more details
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Hi Bambi

How much are you selling your English Advanced notes for?