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May 19, 2024, 09:08:17 am

Author Topic: How to do well in essay writing for CCAFL LOTE exams/SACs  (Read 5418 times)  Share 

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How to do well in essay writing for CCAFL LOTE exams/SACs
« on: May 20, 2017, 05:33:50 pm »
Hey, I did a lote last year and i got a raw 37 which scaled to just above 38 :( But I got A+s in my unit 3&4 SACs and an A on GA3 (combined score for oral and written exam)
I have noticed that although the essay writing SACs are the easiest, they are the hardest to master or even just so simple that some students overlook the important features. So here are some things to keep in mind.

- Type of essay (personal, persuasive, reflective etc) Make sure you understand the different aspects of each type of writing, the different style and vocab you use to write the essay, if you do a lote at VSL- the handbook they give you has dot points for each type of writing for things like register, vocab to include (eg. for reflective essays it's important to include feelings and emotions)
- Audience: It's important to take note (if specfied by the essay prompt) who the audience is.
- Text type: know the features of a diary entry, message, letter (formal and informal) etc. I took note of features that were specfic to my language and made a template that I looked at every time I did an essay. --this should also be in the student handbook
- Criteria: (VSL student handbook again :D) for the very high band
- Using idioms, metaphors, similies and sayings from the language/culture is important for imaginative or narrative writing and essays that require you to talk about your culture. SO throughout the year practice using these devices in your essays.

Practice and making sure you understand/know the stuff above for each type of essay is mega-important. Dont forget to (if your lote is your mother tongue) to develop a love and interest in writing and reading in the language.
Doing one essay a week really helped me and noting down the feedback my teacher gave me helped me to work the feedback into my other essays. If you are doing a CCAFL language exam topics are really similar eg. Melbourne is opening a cultural centre for (eg the vietnamese community in Melbourne) . Write a newspaper article persuading members of your community outlining the benefits of the centre.

For the detailed study:
- practice talking about your topic as much as you can now.
- i didnt do enough practice and found that it was hard for me to answer questions that I wasnt prepared for.
- If there is a question that you really cant answer just say "I didnt do any research about that but....
1. I think that (give opinion based on your knowledge)
2. I did read about or look at (something even slightly related to subject of question.


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