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September 25, 2023, 03:16:23 am

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Artist study
« on: October 13, 2017, 08:24:16 pm »
Hey, so for the exam the largest marks come from the artist we studied this year and the two paintings (per artist)! I was wondering if anyone had info on Frida Kahlo I've done research on her but I want to write about aesthetic qualities use of elements and principles etc on her paintings the dream and at the border line.
So far for the dream I've written communication of ideas as follows:
Kahlo’s overall concept within this painting is to represent the fragility of mortality. The painting showcases a full skeleton, it is symmetric to Kahlo’s position, thus showing similarity and link between the two. The presence of the skeleton above the bed shows that it is not visible to the human in this case Kahlo, nevertheless it is present indicating that death is an afterthought showing the naivety within humans about their life and the time they have. This idea that mortality is fragile is also indicated by the dynamite wired along the skeleton, the tone of the dynamite is similar to that of the colouring of the bones indicating that death is silent, but ready to ‘explode’ mortality of the individual.
Furthermore, the use of the bed facilities the idea that life is fragile as death is present even in mortal’s resting moments. This concept is imposed by the hollow eye sockets of the skeleton that appear wide and alert which juxtapose the relaxed and unaware eyes of Kahlo, both these factors contribute to the premise that the reason death can claim its victims so silently is because humans deem death as wistful and almost unattainable.
The unattainable aspect that mortals project is shown as the skeleton is clearly separate form Kahlo indicating Kahlo’s recognition that death is bound to occur, but it is something unwelcomed.

Any feed back would be super helpful!

And any sights or resources would be so appreciated.