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September 22, 2023, 02:25:04 am

Author Topic: Help with what topic to choose  (Read 3335 times)  Share 

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Help with what topic to choose
« on: January 29, 2018, 01:57:45 pm »

So i will be doing e i this year and would like some help with what to choose for my topic. I know i have still got plenty of time, but i would like to confirm my topic within the next few weeks. I am quite sure we need to hand in our topic by end of term 1?

So i am currently thinking about something science or more society related.
Here are my potential topics:
What are the effects of the media on the views of young adults of political figures?
Or something else related to science? Mybe something with psych?
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PM me for Methods (raw 46) and Chemistry (raw 48) resources (notes, practice SACs, etc.)

I also offer tutoring for these subjects, units 1-4 :)


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Re: Help with what topic to choose
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 05:40:44 pm »
Interesting topics,

One big tip I have to give you is to do topics that involve not only reading through and analysing reports but also your own research. Possibly a survey or an experiment.

Q1. I think this needs to be rephrased better, because I'm not sure what it is exactly asking.

Q2. How are you going to test this? You would have to do surveys (or whatever method) amongst a very large population to accommodate the use of Australians in the topic. Suggest changing to victoria or melbourne or whatever.

Sample topics you could do:
- to what did social media play a role in Donald Trumps success in the 2016 American Presidential Election?
^ just an example but might be too hard at this level. One would need to analyse twitter posts, and also consider external factors in his victory.

- is there a relationship between playing video games and academic performance
^survey asking people how long they play video games for and then ask what they get in school perhaps. You would need to design a very clear survey and method if you wanted to do something like this.

If you know how to code, I suggest making an app or something that benefits society - not a game.

Make sure that you focus on critical thinking throughout the year. Try and write an argument on a random topic a day and collect it into 1 document. Also read through examiners reports now for the oral, report and critical thinking test so you know how to structure the year ahead.

Also, you can't choose a topic which is apart of a vcaa course -- for example, you can't do something on ionic bonding (for example) cause it's in the chemistry course.