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October 01, 2023, 04:56:23 pm

Author Topic: Could someone please check my 10 mark practise History question?  (Read 3415 times)  Share 

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Q3. Analyse the significance of ‘The Night of the Long Knives’ in enabling Hitler to ultimately become dictator of Germany. In your response refer to the sources provided and other views. (10 Marks)

‘The Night of the Long Knives’ was one of the most important steps for Hitler to become the Führer of Germany.  Adolf Hitler’s goal was to diminish The Sturmabteilung (The future SA developed by organizing and formalizing the groups of ex-soldiers and beer hall brawlers who were to protect gatherings of the Nazi Party from disruptions from Social Democrats (SPD) and Communists (KPD)). This showed Hitler’s frightening power. Source 1 depicts Hitler’s power and his angry stance. He is looking at the SA and they fall under his spell and are “saluting with both hands” as a sign of fear. Hitler ended up decreasing the SA’s power when he killed Ernst Röhm. Having decreased the power of the SA, Hitler could now come into full power without the fear that the SA and Röhm would interfere with his plans of getting full power and access to this power. Also, having decreased the power of the SA and Röhm, he could take back control of the German army. The German army was under the control of Röhm who wanted to “carry out a coup” (source 2). Hitler managed to get back the support from the left-wing business leaders with whom he lost support when the SA and Röhm were in power of the German army and the left-wing businesses. The left-wing business leaders were strongly opposed to the violent ways and practises of the SA and Röhm. However, ‘The Night of the Long Knives’, which occurred on 30th June 1934, ultimately assisted Hitler in becoming the Führer of Germany in 1934. When the Great Depression hit Germany, Hitler jumped at the opportunity to paint himself in a positive light as someone who would save Germany and bring back her dignity. He did this to appeal to the working class citizens. Additionally, Hitler used this positive light to get the citizens on his side to fear the Jews, communists and the Weimar Republic. When he became Chancellor of Germany, Hitler used the enabling act after the Reichstag Fire that occurred on the 27th February 1933, to rid the democratic rules of the Weimar Republic’s laws. This also allowed Hitler to make the laws without having to go the Reichstag and constitution. The historian, Martin Broszat saw that it was fact, that Germany had undermined that it was the Weimar Republic that had put Hitler’s credibility up and had put his chances of becoming dictator up. ‘The Night of the Long Knives’ allowed Hitler to get rid of all opponents in the NSDAP and for him to become dictator of Germany and then  Führer of Germany and also, having complete control over the Sturmabteilung.   

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