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October 03, 2023, 09:17:53 am

Author Topic: MEDIA TIPS 2018 APRIL  (Read 3723 times)  Share 

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« on: April 22, 2018, 09:00:33 pm »
Hey everyone, I graduated in 2016 and got away with a score of TRIPLE A across GA 1 to GA 3 and a SS (study score) of 36 :c
Right now I am studying media and communications and a double major of criminology at Monash University and I am in second year. I felt like making this forum cos my sister is in year 12 complaining how hard it is. Thing is tho I have been there before 2 years ago LOL and decided to help you guys ace your studies !!!!

I use to use ATAR NOTES back in the day everynight and search up my predicted atar score and study score and coudnt sleep before exams, worried I might get a crap score..... BUT fear not, THESE TIPS (HOPEFULLY) WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED TO BECOME THE NEXT SPEILBURG

 ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)



Thing is, SACS ONLY COME ONCE IN A YEAR, meaning if you have a SAC worth 25% or 5% etc, that will only come once. Of course another sac worth  5 or 10% might come again, but take each SAC like its your last and practise the shit outta it. In order to do well on that given SAC, do some practise sacs, meaning ask your teacher for practise sacs. Keep interrogating her until there are no more, and if she/he runs out of SACs go on previous exam papers do practise articulating your answers. I dont know about the new study design, but what i am sure of is that media requires a lot and i mean A LOT of writing on sacs and the exam. What i would suggest you should do is practise writing your answers and structuring them, as well as not babbling on. Also, make sure that you take each SAC as a "mini exam" as your exam is like a SAC on steroids.... meaning it will be long as, BUT if your practise on each sac leading up to the exam, and work on your structure and writing skills, chances are your gonna get a A in that exam.


YES I AM SHAMEFULLY PROMOTING A YOUTUBER BUT THIS GUY MAKES QUALITY CONTENT. What i did was go on youtube and watch how films and movies are made. Although its not neccessary, it gives you a understanding of the film even better and can even help with marks? I am not sure about that part, but important thing is if you understand how films are made, chances are in the exam, it will help you retain things better. Youtuber (search him up) d4darious goes in depth on how a story in a film is made, such as, what is the B story? what is the A story of a film? What is story vs plot??? all these videos he goes through helped me and may help you understand film, so when its time to make your SAT at the end of this year, if you can bump those extra terms and write a few pages in your SAT about those, MAYBE IDK THEY MIGHT GIVE YOU MARKS? Thats what i did and i got a A for my SAT, but idk 100% but better be safe than sorry !!!!


As a keen media student i love films, but thing is making a film isnt easy, i made a vce film on a horror narrative and it was cringy as but i got a A for that. Like i mentioned early USE YOUTUBE, short films are a good place to get inspiration as well as horror films made by youtuber "pony smasher" makes great short horror films. In terms of the SAT in general start early!!!!! DO NOT LEAVE IT TO LAST MINUTE and aim to set a goal and do like 3 to 5 pages a day idk, up to you. Honestly though biggest tip would be , starting early, and making sure you meet each criteria!!! Thats how they are gonna mark it on, so make sure to meet each criteria, and IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ASK THE TEACHER OR SOMEONE ELSE ! if you dont ask questions and skim over something on the SAT chances are depending on it, it MIGHT affect your score. NEVER EVER GO PAST SOMETHING WITHOUT ASKING IF YOU DO NOT KNOW, IT ISNT WORTH YOUR SS OR ATAR


The media teachers site? IDK its called ATOM, they have quality content for SACS , practise questions, videos and all that good stuff on their site. If you dont know something, of course ask your teacher, but if your SACS on monday and your home over the weekend and WORST CASE YOUR TEACHER DOSENT REPLY.... THEN go onto atom and watch one of their videos based on your needs.


USE CHECKPOINTS! Go to your book store and buy em before the exam starts and buy em early ! in case they run out..... unless you wanna kill a whole  lot of trees printing exams and practise papers, why not just carry that around in a small book and not make your dad angry for wasting printing paper?? Remember, media is a lot of writing, so practise STRUCTURING YOUR ANSWERS ! MOREOVER, PRACTISE THEM

What i did was i printed a few questions from the exam from both past and even older study designs and write answers and give them to my teacher EVERYDAY, until I got better and better. Your first paper should be covered in red ink top to bottom, eventually you memorise those notes and errors and USE THEM INTO YOUR ANSWERS. no point going to your teacher if your gonna repeat the same mistakes duh

Thats about it ! if you have questions feel free to drop them down in the forum... some of this form might not make sense due to the new study design but ill try my best to answer your questions, HAPPY STUDYING !