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October 05, 2023, 12:10:17 am

Author Topic: Failing VCE Media SAT  (Read 4111 times)  Share 

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Failing VCE Media SAT
« on: June 06, 2019, 10:23:03 am »
Hi guys,
I'm really starting to freak out. I've really been struggling with Year 12 and I had to hand in my VCE media folio today but I feel like it isn't good enough and I'm going to Fail the SAT. I'm wondering if anyone would have any advice at all?


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Re: Failing VCE Media SAT
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 03:26:57 pm »
Hey! The good thing is you still have so much time to pick your marks up, and get super prepared by the time the exam comes (which is probs the most important assessment of all)

Some things you can do:

1. Tell your media teacher that you're struggling! Be specific about what it is you are having trouble with, and maybe they'll be able to give you extra assistance and guidance.

2. Do you have student managers/ teachers that can help you get organised, like through working with you to create a study timetable? Sticking to a timetable can really help you get on top of your year 12 workload. Especially for the SAT, creating deadlines for yourself for when you want various aspects of the SAT to be completed by, and sticking to those deadlines, will help you so much in creating something you're happy with!

3. What specifically about the SAT makes you feel worried that you'll fail? You don't have to stick with what's in your folio; you can change your idea almost completely if you need to! Don't try creating something too ambitious. If you're freaking out about it, try to ask yourself "how can I change this project to make it less stressful for myself?". I can't say that it's possible to make the SAT absolutely stress free, but you can definitely make the load lighter for yourself. I don't know whether you're making a film/photo series/etc, but I made a film for mine, and doing things like making the storyline less complex, making the film shorter, removing some dialogue, making fewer cuts, delegating tasks like being in charge of lighting and sound to my friends, all helped to make the load lighter for me and finishing the SAT much easier.

4. It's much easier said than done but try not to freak out. When I start to feel stressed about my school work I would always make myself think of the worst case scenario, the best case scenario, and then the most likely scenario (which is usually somewhere in the middle). Sure, it's possible you might not get an amazing score for your folio/ on the SAT, but I guarantee it won't be the end of the world. Even if it sparks a chain of events that mean you don't get a study score you're happy with, you don't get into the course you want, etc, it still is NOT anywhere even near the end of the world. It's really hard to see when you're in the high school bubble, but your scores are not as important as everyone makes it seem, and there are ALWAYS pathways to get to where you want. The absolute worst case scenario is that there is STILL a way for you to get to where you want!!! that's not bad!

I know you posted this a couple of weeks ago, so I hope you've been doing alright since then! If you aren't happy with your mark for your folio/ SAT take a moment for yourself to acknowledge that you can do better, then make a commitment to yourself to do better! You have so much time before the exam, and therefore a lot of opportunities to start studying early, and learn the content well in advanced, helping you feel more prepared and on top of everything.

You've got this!
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