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July 14, 2024, 08:42:47 am

Author Topic: How to get 40+ for italian (even as a non-italian background student)  (Read 5182 times)  Share 

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This year I was pleased to receive a SS of 42 for Italian (raw) and being from a non-italian background, this was quite a big achievement for me which i am very proud of. Starting the year i was no way comfortable with speaking or writing in italian, but with constant grammar practices, listening, writing, speaking to teacher in italian and just overall daily exposure to the language (via online italian news, switching language settings to italian on phone), i was able to get the score i did for Italian

Here are some tips for doing well in Italian even if you dont have italian origins-ITS POSSIBLE GUYS!!
a) Listen to the language as much as u can-as i didnt have any italian parents/relatives/friends to listen to, i usually relied on online sources (i.e. sbs radio (slow italian and normal speed), for exposure. i also listened to italian news and listened to italian from youtube channels (i.e. learnamo) which were really helpful in learning new vocab and just getting used to the tempo, speed, intonation, etc of the language, which u can emulate/incorporate into your own speaking
b) Write as much- i had this diary book for italian where i wrote about my daily mundane experiences but in italian and then i gave one every week to my teacher and she corrected it for me. Initially i made a trillion thousand loads of mistakes and there was red crosses and stuff all over my writing but the more i practiced and took on feedback from my teacher, the better my writing became and i reached a point where i made no errors at all in terms of grammar, etc.
c) Use duolingo-this website is literally so useful for grammar practice and if u r struggling with grammar/need a starting foundation for italian in year 12, then it may be really helpful. it first provides a little test (to gauge your level) and then gives you exercises tailored to suit your level and then increase in difficulty as you build more confidence, so its really good for some basic grammar practice if you cant be stuffed studying for italian any other way lol
d) Speak as much italian as you can-i used to talk to my italian teacher and tutor (coz they were basically the only ones who were fluent and experienced italian speakers) lol I wished i made italian friends but whatever. just having a basic conversation with my teacher/tutor helped me so much to build confidence in speaking italian at a good/reasonable pace without always stuttering and saying those "umms". my teacher also gave me advice on ways to say certain phrases and the right intonation, etc to use, etc as well as new vocab of course
e) Learn extra phrases/sayings in italian (i.e. uffa, che meraviglia...) in your writting/as well when speaking, to add umph to your wtiitng/speaking and really wow your teachers/examiners as it shows deep insight/knowledge of the language
f) Learn and use a wide variety of tenses (not just present tense and passato prossimo)-i think in order to get those high marks and really wow the examiners, its imperative to also learn/memorise and use tenses i.e. imperative, future, subjunctive and conjunctive and more to show off your amazing language skills
And thats it, my main and final tip is to just enjoy the language and have fun with it. Learning a language doesnt have to be just writing all the time, its doing the little things (i.e. watching movies in italian, listening to italian music whenever possible) that are useful for learning and absorbing a language. In my opinion, italian was one of my fav subjects cause it wasnt content heavy and draining like other subjects and there was nothing really to learn, it was just skill based and listening/writing and speaking in the language (and this is for any language), u must be able to effectively and clearly express yourself in the language. Thanks for reading and dont hesitate to send me a message in case you would like some extra advice. Would be more than happy to respond/help you guys out:)

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Re: How to get 40+ for italian (even as a non-italian background student)
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Congrats, that's an awesome score!!!
This is gonna be super useful, thanks you :)