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June 20, 2024, 06:19:14 am

Author Topic: Economics Advice (needed ASAP)!  (Read 2094 times)  Share 

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Economics Advice (needed ASAP)!
« on: June 13, 2020, 03:12:34 pm »
Hello everyone!

I need some advice about an interesting idea I had with economics. I am currently in year 10 coming up on term 3. Here are my questions:

1.) I am thinking of accelerating into 3-4 economics next year. This is the first question, is this a good idea. From reading other forms I think it is. I also have a spare period this next semester which I want to use to do 1-2 economics or at least some of it. I will also add, I am quite committed and determined.

2.) The problem is economics does not run at my school so I would have to do it all by myself which I have heard you can do at my school, but I don't think anyones ever done it with economics. So I would be completing and learning year 12 economics all by myself. . . Is this a good idea? Kind of accelerating by correspondence.

3.) Is economics a good subject for me? I want to be an entrepreneur or go into business. I am currently doing 1-2 accounting this year and might be an accountant plus entrepreneur on the side. Would economics help with this being an entrepreneur  ???. Does it cover things like stocks, business, ect. I am hoping it is not too much politics, government ect. It would be great if you advise me wether you think it would be a useful class in general and for me  ;) What career opportunities does it open up?

4.) The other career I am looking at is something in Maths such as engineering, although I am leaning way more towards business. Do I need physics or spech for engineering in case I change my mind? Right now I don't really have room for them. By the way my subjects are looking like this if you want to give advice on that too: Accounting, Methods, Japanese, probs economics, and maybe physics or spech.  ;D By the way do we get 5 subjects excluding english? 

I know I have a lot of questions but it would be amazing if you could respond. Please respond as soon as you can. Anyone who responds is a legend and I am so thankful for!!!  ;D