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June 07, 2023, 09:52:15 am

Author Topic: what to watch in French to improve your vocabulary and understanding  (Read 3265 times)  Share 

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Right so, here I go. I'm currently doing 3/4 French and although I'm bilingual, French is pretty darn hard. There are a lot of sets of vocabularies, and whilst you can learn through reading and studying, watching something in French is always a good idea. It helps you pick up on tempo and intonation that speakers use, as well as new vocab! There are also some "must-watch" films in French culture, and some that will help you understand French history. I'll also add a list for Netflix originals that you can check out. Otherwise, search around a bit and you'll find them on SBS or somewhere.

Cult Films
vocab you can learn: not much, really, but this can give you something to talk about at the oral examination if the questions relate to films. You can show your understanding of French culture through these, but make sure you've got enough information to back yourself up.

  • Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob
  • The Artist
  • Le Fabuleux destin d'AmÚlie Poulain

Netflix Originals
vocab you can learn:

  • Le Bazaar de la CharitÚ
  • Je ne suis pas un homme fašile

vocab you can learn: a lot of murder and gruesome things, obviously. You can gain vocab about methods of murder and/or police investigations.

  • Candice Renoir
  • La Mante

vocab you can learn:

Feel free to add more and I'll try and collate the ideas on this post. Also suggest other genres and what vocabulary you can learn! I'd love to see your inputs