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September 30, 2023, 01:58:59 pm

Author Topic: Extension of presale due to delay of UMAT (until midnight Jan 7th)  (Read 1029 times)  Share 

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I'm unsure that this message has been properly received (but I did indicate this a few days earlier in the main thread), but because the UMAT beta was delayed by a week, we're extending the pre-sale by a week so those who were waiting for it before buying are not inconvenienced.

On the 7th of January at midnight (so the beginning of Jan 8), prices on all pre-sale items will rise from 20% off to 10% off to give any late stragglers a chance to buy them at a still discounted price (but also ensuring those of our valued customers who bought during the pre-sale proper have been delivered their deserved discount). As soon as we have a 3-day commitment from our printers to deliver us books, we will up the prices to their RRP and no more discounts will be available. The response from the pre-sale has been huge, and we've sold hundreds of books and many UMAT packages. Get in quick to take advantage of the cheap price, because it will disappear!
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