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May 29, 2024, 10:02:46 am

Author Topic: Western Sydney University Subject Reviews and Ratings  (Read 8934 times)

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Western Sydney University Subject Reviews and Ratings
« on: March 22, 2018, 11:41:16 am »
Western Sydney University
Subject Reviews & Ratings

Current Totals
Arts: 0
Biomedical Science: 0
Business and Economics: 0
Education: 0
Engineering: 0
Information Technology: 0
Law: 0
Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences: 0
Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences: 0
Science: 0
Other: 0
Majors: 0

Total: 0 Reviews
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(2) (3) etc. denote 2nd and 3rd reviews.


Biomedical Science

Business and Economics



Information Technology


Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences

Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences




This is a thread for subject or majors reviews only.  If you have any questions, then please PM the member who wrote the review.  The views expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the opinions of the university.  Keep in mind that despite best efforts, information provided may not be accurate.

We encourage you to review the subject(s) you have completed, even if someone else has already reviewed your subject(s).  The more reviews we have, the more helpful this resource will be. Please try to avoid overly denigrating lecturers and keep your review relatively objective.

Please use the following template for subject reviews:

Code: [Select]
[b]Subject Code/Name:[/b] [url=insert link here]SUBJECT CODE - SUBJECT NAME[/url]  Please insert the handbook link for the subject, and replace SUBJECT CODE - SUBJECT NAME with the appropriate details

[b]Workload:[/b]  (specify how many lectures, pracs, tutes etc. and their duration)

[b]Assessment:[/b]  (Outline the various assessments which make up the subject and how much each counts for)

[b]Recorded Lectures:[/b]  Yes, with/without screen capture

[b]Past exams available:[/b]  Yes, how many?  No. Was there a sample exam?

[b]Textbook Recommendation:[/b]  What must you buy?  What is "recommended"?  Do you need it?


[b]Year & Semester of completion:[/b]

[b]Rating:[/b]  out of 5

[b]Your Mark/Grade:[/b] (Optional)

[b]Comments:[/b] Give your overall opinion of the subject, lecturers, assessment etc. and a recommendation, plus anything else which you feel is relevant.

and the following template for majors reviews:

Code: [Select]
[b]Major:[/b] [url=http://insert link here]Major Name[/url]  Replace "insert link here" with the handbook url for the major and replace "Major Name" in the URL tags with the appropriate name of the major. Also delete this text.

[b]First Year Subjects:[/b]

[b]Second Year Subjects:[/b]

[b]Third Year Subjects:[/b]

[b]Year of completion:[/b]

[b]Rating:[/b]  out of 5

[b]Comments:[/b] Please include all relevant comments about the major, briefly explaining how you found individual subjects and giving some background about the major itself. Feel free to detail your personal experiences, though do not include unnecessary rancour. Including where you hope the major to take you, or indeed where it has taken you is also very welcome!

Template courtesy of stonecold's University of Melbourne subject review page.
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