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October 01, 2023, 05:41:13 am

Author Topic: VCE Year 12, didn't do too well in first outcome, am I screwed?  (Read 627 times)  Share 

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Hey, so basically I need to get a >90 ATAR to get into my course and we've finished all our first sacs and i managed to stay at least a little above average in everything but I am in an extremely weak cohort

I've been revising abit over the break and have caught up on alot but am starting to get extremely worried, will it still be possible for me to get over a 90 atar?
My scores were (out of 50) for the first out come:

English: 30

Further: 35

Biology: 42

Business: 38

Chemistry: 31

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Re: VCE Year 12, didn't do too well in first outcome, am I screwed?
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So your actual SAC mark %s don't really matter that much for VCAA's study score calculation. To determine your SAC score they use a combination of how well you did on the SACs compared to other students studying that subject at you school, and how well students at your school do on the exam/s for that subject.

I can tell you that I scored less than 60% on a couple of my tests and achieved a 98 ATAR (in a weak cohort). Don't underestimate the importance of the exams and don't give up hope :)