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September 28, 2023, 09:03:30 pm

Author Topic: HSC Lectures September/October 2019 - Exam Revision AND Head Start - Book Now!  (Read 1012 times)  Share 

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Hey everybody. ATAR Notes here! We're pumped to announce not one, but two free lecture series for HSC students, including:

🔥 HSC Exam Revision Lectures (September 28-29) - Class of 2019
🔥 HSC Head Start Lectures (October 5-6) - Class of 2020+

Overall, we have MORE THAN 50 totally free lectures on offer, and you can book them all here! Remember that there are different lectures for the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020+, so be careful when booking!

HUGE news! For the first time ever, across any ATAR Notes lecture series across any state, our lectures are running at two incredible locations.

Those who have been to ATAR Notes lectures before will be familiar with UTS, Ultimo. This series, we are also running lectures at Macquarie University, North Ryde.

We're so excited by this, because it means our lectures are even more accessible to a heap of HSC students!

You can see the full lecture timetable here:

You can book your free HSC lectures here (both exam revision and head start). Simply scroll to the events you want to book and fill in the details. Places will fill quickly, so please let your friends know, and don't miss out!

You are totally welcome to attend as many lectures as you like - you just need to book! :)

Leave them here! We absolutely can't wait to get started. 🎈

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Quick update! If you've had difficulty booking through Eventbrite due to laggy registration pages, the issue should now be fixed!

Thanks so much for your patience, everybody - please post here if you come across any issues!

Booking link: http://atarnoteshsc.eventbrite.com/

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