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September 29, 2023, 10:40:24 am

Author Topic: what study scores i need to attain 65-70 atar score, i need some motivation  (Read 5846 times)  Share 

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i really want an atar of 65-70, many people say i need high 80's to achieve at least a 27 study score (i think im gonna be a humliation to my family)
      i literally wanna cry when i put in my estimated study scores into the monash atar calculator. (an example down below)                 
English:27(do you all think i can achieve higher cause im averaging a 61 in year 10, my year 10 ranking is above the middle)
physical edu: 32
HHD: 31
further 28

sorry for my bad grammar
thank you, i wish i can one day achieve such score  :'(

Hi YussifK,

Its amazing you're starting to think about this in Year 10, you have heaps of time and it shows you really motivated to perform your best
If you work consistantly and try to improve on feedback you'll be well on your way...English specifically IMO you should ask for practice prompts from your teacher or the head of English at you school and they should send you some or you can find some at Lisa's Study Guides and every time you write an essay get it marked by your teacher and each time you get feedback either write the essay again till the teacher can no longer give you feedback OR work on the feedback in the next essay.
Deakin Uni also has a study score calculator you might wanna check out where you can put you averages in and it estimates your study score

Best of luck with your studies
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