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September 26, 2023, 10:17:29 am

Author Topic: English: Persuasive Speech  (Read 2535 times)

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English: Persuasive Speech
« on: November 12, 2019, 07:06:40 pm »
Would I just be able to get my speech looked over to make sure I am headed in the right direction?
Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,
Liv :D

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Re: English: Persuasive Speech
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2019, 11:05:21 pm »
Hey Liv,

Welcome to the forums :)

I like the fact that you have started with a hook to engage the audience and I certainly think it will draw in their attention. However, I also think that it would be good to resolve it more so that the audience isn't left confused.

In general, I think that working on your clarity is one of the main things you can do to improve your speech. For example, when I first read this "Why? It is claimed they are completely foreign to and disassociated from the biblical belief, but according to them, media points out diverse sexual orientation is not a sin! but merely a different way of thinking." I thought you might be arguing that 'media claims conversion therapy is dissociated from biblical belief'. After a while I realised that you meant that conversion 'therapy' has been applied by people arguing that being queer is a sin - and that media has had a significant role in countering this belief. In particular, you might want to refer instances where you have used "they" and "this" to check it's clear what you are referring to.

Once your speech flows more clearly I would then look at integrating more of QCAA's assessment objectives (you can find these in the QCE English syllabus) into your speech:
persuasive spoken response assessment objectives
Assessment objectives This assessment instrument is used to determine student achievement in the following objectives:
1. use patterns and conventions of a persuasive genre to achieve particular purposes in a specific context
2. establish and maintain the role of the speaker/signer/designer and relationship with an identified public audience
3. create perspectives and representations of concepts, identities, times and places
4. make use of the ways cultural assumptions, attitudes, values and beliefs underpin texts and invite audiences to take up positions
5. use aesthetic features and stylistic devices to achieve persuasive purposes 
6. select and synthesise subject matter to support perspectives
7. organise and sequence subject matter to achieve particular purposes
8. use cohesive devices to emphasise ideas and connect parts of a persuasive text
9. make language choices for particular purposes and contexts
10. use grammar and language structures for particular purposes
11. use spoken/signed and non-verbal features (and complementary, if appropriate) to achieve particular purposes
In particular, you might find it useful to revisit points 8-10

I think your conviction clearly shines through (which is definitely helpful since it's a lot easier to convince your audience when they can see that you truly believe what you're saying) and it's great that you have used quotes to back up your points :)

I hope you find this useful - please feel free to ask any questions about the feedback I've given :)