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June 08, 2023, 02:35:00 am

Author Topic: So QCAA says our schools are removing the need to complete one of the IA's  (Read 3993 times)

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Which one are you going to miss out on? Do you know if this means the others will be weighted more?


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Hi GCTutoring!

On the QCAA website they said that, for sciences, "Schools that are already well progressed with the primary data collection for IA2 or have completed IA2 should remove IA3. Schools that have not yet collected their primary data should consider removing IA2 and commencing IA3. Both IA2 and IA3 cover the same assessment objectives and a valid student result can be awarded with the completion of either. Schools that have not yet administered IA1 and are concerned about administering an examination in the event of prolonged online."

This is pretty much the same for every other subject, i.e. if you have already done IA2 remove IA3. If you haven't done IA2 only do IA3.

If you would like to look into it more, you can go here (just look for you subject and then above it should be "learning area news" <-- click on that)

I am unsure of how weighting will work. But I wouldn't be surprised if they made the external exams weigh more.

Hope this helps!
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