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June 03, 2023, 03:46:21 pm

Author Topic: Hi! Are there any available QCE Methods + Physics tutors around?  (Read 2405 times)  Share 

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend me really good QCE physics and Maths Methods tutors? I am nearly submitting my IA3 for physics and will have my IA3 exam for Methods in three weeks.

Rant: Yes, I am aware that I'm very late to repick my pace. Recently, I was affected with a major negative life event that shook all my attention, so my commitment to these two subjects decreased dramatically. But, I feel that nothing will help me in life to overcome that event other than a good uni degree. In order to do that, I need mental support -working on it- as well scoring really well in these subjects for my desired degree, and will need good tutors who will help me to achieve my goal!

Please, if anyone is a tutor in here, or knows a tutor, or knows someone who has a tutor, will you please let me know with a PM ?(preferably online tutors since I'm avoiding as much social interaction as possible until I recover) and the cost doesn't matter at all.

Thank you so much for any help!