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June 11, 2023, 11:41:33 am

Author Topic: Preliminary English Advanced: Common Module Reading to Write  (Read 2257 times)

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Hi everyone, I decided to get over my embarrassment and ask for some feedback on my creative writing piece for Prelim English Advanced.

Some background: Creative writing has NEVER been my strong point - I have had some amazing flukes in the past however my first assessment for English this term I completely flunked with a 55%.

The prompt was "transport the reader to a time and place" so broad, I know. I tried to take a risk and do a dialogue-heavy piece to "make the reader feel spoken to", but clearly they were looking for a descriptive setting piece... if only they made that clearer.

Judge all you want, tell me I've done everything wrong if that's the case - be 100% honest because I can take it. Anything that could boost my creative writing up would be so greatly appreciated. I do consistently well with my essays so I don't want to drop down to Standard English.

The piece is linked below