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May 29, 2023, 01:52:28 am

Author Topic: charmingcloud's quest for a 69 atar  (Read 7880 times)

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Re: charmingcloud's quest for a 69 atar
« Reply #30 on: June 27, 2022, 11:45:48 am »
Howdy, here I am with study tips:

P.S. This is from my QCE Journal, so if there are any grammar/punctuation/spelling errors, please excuse them :)

- Study tips + helpful YouTubers
With helpful Youtubers regarding study tips/plans I would suggest the following:
UnJaded Jade
Mike and Matty

Remembering information
Regarding retention of information, there is this thing called the forgetting curve. It is an exponential model showing how fast our brain forgets things after first learning a new concept. There are specific intervals in which you should practice active recall in order to remember all these things. Studyquill has created a table which tells you when to revise a specific concept. She has made a YouTube video mentioning them, which is given in the links section below. Using this table is a way of practicing spaced repetition. I'll leave a video in the links section below regarding what spaced repetition is and how it works by Mike and Matty.

Active vs. Passive recall
For those of you have no idea what active recall is, it is recalling in such a way that you will remember. The opposite of this is passive recall. For example, for math, reading over your work is passive recall. You think you have understood the topic fully, but let me tell you now this is a false sense of security. However, doing a few practice questions is a method of active recall. You're actually using your head. I'm not amazing at explaining this, so I'll leave another YouTube video by Mike and Matty about active vs. passive recall and how to actively recall. P.S. Highlighting just makes it look pretty; you're not fully understanding the concept

Learner types
Another aspect that ties into all this is understanding what type of learner you are. I'm (again) not great at explaining this, so I'll link another video, this one by Fayefilms.

Study Music
My biggest study technique is listening to LoFi music while studying instead of listening to music with words. And if you don't like LoFi, classical music is always an option. Or Binaural beats - their scientifically proven to help you study and activate the right parts of the brain (I think? You'll have to fact-check that one haha)

For my Chemistry peeps:
Tyler Dewitt is the best Chemistry YouTuber I can recommend. Especially with redox reactions (Unit 3 for those who don't know), he simplifies it so much and uses visuals to explain what he's talking about. Its fun to watch.

For Physics peeps:
For Physics, I watch Professor Dave explains and Bozeman science. Those were the ones recommended by my Physics teacher and they explain topics well.

Most of all, remember you're an amazing human being. We can all achieve great marks if we put in the effort, and we put in the effort right.

https://youtu.be/ROtvXKxFxhw    - Studyquill overcome curve of forgetting table
https://youtu.be/Kl0RM_9cVzE    - Spaced Repetition, Mike and Matty
https://youtu.be/MSq-KGj_cnY - Active recall, Mike and Matty
https://youtu.be/PMRrYkxDKP8 - Fayefilms: types of learners -

Hope this helps!
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Re: charmingcloud's quest for a 69 atar
« Reply #31 on: July 07, 2022, 12:14:44 pm »
hiiiiii jinx_58
Thank you for the study tips, I think I might try getting into lofi music.
When I'm studying at 5am, I really like to open my window and listen to the trains go past. I feel like lofi has a similar vibe and it is very cool.
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