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July 15, 2024, 09:14:19 pm

Author Topic: UMAT Advice for current Year 11s (those planning to sit UMAT 2019)  (Read 4287 times)  Share 

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Hi there, if you have seen some stuff I have posted in the past, you might have realized that I sat the UMAT for the second time this year. Having a lot of experience with the UMAT and talking to lots of people who have done and wish to do it, I want to share my experience with future test takers to help them do as well as possible. What Iíve written is a lot so Iím gonna write some simple steps if you canít be bothered reading all this:
1.   Read info on ACER website
2.   Read info on UMAT prep company websites (more than one company)
3.   Read free theory and advice given for UMAT questions.
4.   Join UMAT discussion groups on FB.
5.   Complete sample questions using methods suggested by others.
6.   Do some research on what UMAT prep companies offer and how effective they are.
7.   Choose a company and prepare through them.
What I first did the year I first completed the UMAT, I had only heard about Medentry so thatís what I registered for straight away in preparation for the test. If youíre reading this, youíre certainly one step ahead of me as you are seeing how others found different UMAT prep companies to be like. So, the first thing I would suggest to do is familiarize yourself with the UMAT, do some research and then start looking at all the different UMAT prep companies they have.
First, I suggest you read about the UMAT on the ACER website. Most people donít read all the information and then believe false rumors without looking at what ACER has established about the test. So look at the website and read the pdf they have.
Only after this read information given about the test by the prep companies so you can look past the false info.
Join UMAT discussion groups on Facebook. People who have done the test and are going to exchange a lot of good information and tips and tricks. Other peopleís questions are also good extra practice questions.
Read all the free theory and advice stuff UMAT prep companies provide.
Read ways/methods to solve particular types of questions on UMAT prep company websites.
Here is what you can do as prep using ICanMed (I am not trying to promote them btw)  stuff for instance:
1. like icanmed fb page
2. Watch icanmed webinars for each section on fb page and/or attend their free seminars
3. Watch icanmed question types on fb page
4. Complete the sample set questions on their website using the strategies they tell you
5. Follow this link to see a sneak peak of how they prepare students for the UMAT: https://thinkspeak.teachable.com/courses/onlineumatcourse/lectures/928700#/questions/1
   they only let people who havenít enrolled see the stuff for Rules Type Questions
Do things like this for other UMAT prep companies.
Look at UMAT advice etc on youtube, I really like Daniel Millís tutorials.
Then once you have established ways to solve the main types of questions the UMAT has complete  sample questions that UMAT prep companies provide. Donít do this first. Itís good to know how to do the questions instead of having no set method of solving them.
Either download or save sample questions you find when first reading advice and theory on websites or google ďUMAT sample questions pdfĒ and stuff will come up. ATARNotes already has a list of free resources you can look at too.
Talk to people or ask around, not just how effective people found a UMAT prep company, but also how the company teaches. For instance, Medentry has all written guides and then lots of questions to do online with detailed written solutions where as ICanMed has all video tutorials and video solutions for every questions. This is so that you can pick a UMAT preparation that suits you the most and that you are confident, will help you achieve a good score in the UMAT.
See which UMAT prep company you prefer and register for it.
I know this is a lot and you might want to just start preparing straight away, but you may not find enough time during Year 11 to get a lot done for the UMAT. Doing some research and reading wonít take up too much time and also just doing a set of sample questions once in a while wonít bite either. Additionally, you might be busy for the rest of this year with school due to both Year 11 and Units 3&4 exams. So take your time for the moment, decide how you want to prepare for the UMAT thoroughly and join a UMAT prep company at the end of this school year.
I wish you all the best for your VCE and future endeavours. Please ask me anything and point out anything that is not clear in this post.
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