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June 09, 2023, 09:25:00 pm

Author Topic: DETAILED: All The Selective/Scholarship Exam Information [2020]  (Read 16915 times)  Share 

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Re: DETAILED: All The Selective/Scholarship Exam Information [2020]
« Reply #15 on: February 13, 2019, 09:50:04 pm »
Is there really going to be polynomials, interquartile, and logarithms in the maths test?
Normal quadratics, binomials, trinomials will be on the test, Interquartile range? You mean? May be on the test, but not logarithms (For Year 9)


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Re: DETAILED: All The Selective/Scholarship Exam Information [2020]
« Reply #16 on: June 11, 2019, 03:11:01 pm »
Hi, thanks for your massive information guide, much appreciated.
I’m a year 8 hoping to get in MHS or SCHS :)

Btw, the MHS, MGHS, SCHS and NHS exam has just changed.
There’s one writing exam instead of two, it can be persuasive OR creative.
The writing exam is 30 minutes of writing time and 10 minutes of planning time.
im pretty sure they made the writing test 15 mins for mhs,schs,nhs,etc and no reading/planning time
not a 100% sure tho


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Re: DETAILED: All The Selective/Scholarship Exam Information [2020]
« Reply #17 on: June 11, 2019, 04:04:45 pm »
im pretty sure they made the writing test 15 mins for mhs,schs,nhs,etc and no reading/planning time
not a 100% sure tho
No they didn’t lol


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Re: DETAILED: All The Selective/Scholarship Exam Information [2020]
« Reply #18 on: June 11, 2019, 05:49:34 pm »
im pretty sure they made the writing test 15 mins for mhs,schs,nhs,etc and no reading/planning time
not a 100% sure tho
they changed it this year lol :)

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Re: DETAILED: All The Selective/Scholarship Exam Information [2020]
« Reply #19 on: October 17, 2021, 12:18:43 pm »
Hi, I am Jayce a current year 12 student at EBSS. Today, I want to provide you with as much value and save you a lot of time by providing all the information about the scholarship & selective exams, from both my own experience, a bit of research and from various tutoring services that I've been too.
Basically, the scholarship tests for the Grammar schools use the same tests as the ones for the selective schools. So, all the information on the exam applies.
1.   Brief History about my experience with the exams - results & tutors
2.   Selective Schools Overview
3.   Selective Exam Information, Tips & Recommended Study 
4.   Application for the different year levels
5.   Interview
6.   Extras
Brief History
I am a student who started applying for selective tests in year 9. I applied for NHS & JMSS for year 9-10 & 10-11. In year 9-10 for NHS I got 2 superiors in VR and CW but, did not make the cut. For JMSS I'm not too sure since you must email the school to get the results. But I got an interview. In year 10-11, I did poorly in the NHS & JMSS due to a personal issue. I did decent and got a superior on the EBSS entrance exam and received a place (I also have a guide on how to get into EBSS). So, for all those who want to try out for selective schools, if you keep trying eventually you will get into one if you learn all this information.
I attended 2 types of tutors during my time which were JAC (James An College) and a private maths tutor.
Imo JAC isn't worth it since they only do practice tests each week which were harder than the actual tests. They also don't provide much help with learning the material as they expect you to know it already if you want to get into a school. But it is a good tool to use to identify your weaknesses.
The 1 one 1 tutor really helped to teach me everything ahead of time. But, from my results I didn't learn enough to get a superior.
Selective School Information
There is a total of 6 selective schools. Although, JMSS & EBSS aren't counted as 'selective schools' I consider them as such.
Single Gendered - High ranking schools
Melbourne High School [MHS]
•   Students: All boys
•   Location: South Yarra (close to city)
•   Ranking: Within top 5
•   Cohort sizes: 200+
•   Application: Year 8-10
Mac Robertson's Girls High School [MGHS]
•   Students: All girls
•   Location: Melbourne (city)
•   Ranking: Within top 5
•   Cohort sizes: 200+
•   Application: Year 8-10
Co-educational - opposite ended schools
Nossal High School [NHS]
•   Students: Co-educational
•   Location: Berwick (south east)
•   Ranking: Within top 30
•   Cohort sizes: 200+
•   Application: Year 8-10
Suzanne Corey High School [SCHS]
•   Students: Co-educational
•   Location: Werribee (south west)
•   Ranking: Within top 60
•   Cohort sizes: 200+
•   Application: Year 8-10
Co-educational - Science schools/program 
Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences [EBSS] [Affiliated with Melbourne University]
•   Students: Co-educational
•   Location: Parkville (close to city)
•   Ranking: Unknown - but at least 2/3 of cohort get 90+ Atars and the other 1/3 get 75+ Atars.
•   Cohort sizes: 40-100
•   Application: Year 10-11
John Monash Science School [JMSS] [Affiliated with Monash University]
•   Students: Co-educational 
•   Location: Clayton (south east)
•   Ranking: Within top 60
•   Cohort sizes: 200+
•   Application: 9-10
Selective/Scholarship Exam Information - All tests are multiple choice except for the writeups
Year 8-10
MHS, MGHS, NHS, SCHS - Applies to Scholarship exam as well
6 Tests:
1.   Mathematics [60 questions, 30min]
2.   Numerical Reasoning [40-60 questions, 30min]
3.   Verbal Reasoning [50 questions, 30min]
4.   Reading Comprehension [40-50 questions, 30min]
5.   Writing either Persuasive or Creative [30min Writing, 10min Planning] - (Special Thanks to ProbotMelbourne for the update)
Science Schools
EBSS Year 10-11(Individual guide: https://atarnotes.com/forum/index.php?topic=176822.0)
5 Tests:
1.   Mathematics [60 questions, 30min]
2.   Science Reasoning [15 questions, 30min]
3.   Verbal Reasoning [50 questions, 30min]
4.   Reading Comprehension [40-50 questions, 30min]
5.   Essay about how EBSS can help you [15min]
JMSS Year 9-10
5 Tests:
1.   Mathematics [60 questions, 30min]
2.   Science Reasoning [15 questions, 30min]
3.   Verbal Reasoning [50 questions, 30min]
4.   Reading Comprehension [40-50 questions, 30min]
5.   Science Writeup Report [15min] (I think there were 2 writeups when applying in year 9)

Achievement Tests
Mathematics - all you need to know
1.   Financial Mathematics - compound interest, depreciation, interest,
2.   Algebra - Factorising
3.   Surds & Indices - Index laws, rationalising denominator, negative fractional powers
4.   Simultaneous Equations & [Inequations Yr10]  - substitution, elimination   
5.   Linear Relationships - gradient formula, distance,
6.   Non-linear relationships - quadratics, graphing
7.   Rates and Proportion - direct proportion, indirect proportion, conversion of percentage to ratio
8.   Trigonometry - pythagoras, exact values
9.   Mensuration - all 2d & 3d shape equations (only 1-2 questions but it matters)
10.   Geometry - angles of squares, shapes, parallel lines
11.   Statistics - interquartile range, average, median, mean, mode etc
12.   Probability - venn diagrams, conditional, tree diagrams
13.   Polynomials - division, remainder theorem, factor theorem [Yr9-10] 
14.   Functions and Logarithms - basic questions with log 10
15.   Circle Geometry - the formulas, graphing [Yr10]
16.   Kinematics - time at which 2 objects meet.
Study Recommendation:
Learn and know all the contents within the chapters listed above.

Don't spend more than 5 seconds on easy questions and don't spend more than 1min doing a hard question.
If stuck work backwards. Start with the answers and see which one would fit most with the question.
If you really want to do well, I recommend having knowledge in all the chapters listed.
Free Test: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/parents/secondary/mathspractice.pdf
Reading Comprehension
A MC test which measures a students capacity to read and interpret meaning from passages. Also feature the need to correct, complete and punctuate sentences. 
Recommended Study:
Purchase a reading comprehension book to practice. 
Tip: When doing the test don't read the whole passage, read the questions first then look for the keywords.
Free Test: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/parents/secondary/readingcomprehensionpractice.pdf
Bonus one: https://www.education.ne.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/NE002_R_08_Practice_Paper.pdf
Ability Tests
Verbal Reasoning
A MC test which measures a student’s ability to think and reason using words and language. Tests vocabulary, word relationships, classification and deduction.
Recommended Study:
Practice various
Free Test: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/parents/secondary/verbalreasoningpractice.pdf
Numerical Reasoning
A MC test which measures the ability to think and reason using numbers. Mainly, series, matrices, arithmetical reasoning and deduction.
Recommended Study:
Look at the Year 11 Specialist Mathematics Cambridge textbook and find the 'Sequences and Series' chapter. There should be a pdf online, but feel free to DM me and I will send the file.
You can use brilliant.org to also train your numerical reasoning, since they provide daily questions related to STEM.
Free Test: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/parents/secondary/numericareasoningpractice.pdf
Writing Tests
Persuasive Writing - 15min
A written response to a social, environmental or political issue that measures a student's stance on the issue, cohesion of argument and persuasion. Persuasive devices, language, punctuation, structure, grammar, spelling and vocabulary are also being assessed.
Recommended Study:
Understand TEEL structure. Learn to play around with the content in the explanation and evidence to make it more interesting.
Practice by doing one a day or one a week to improve and get better. Ask your teachers, tutors, parents or even siblings to check your essays.
Free Test: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/parents/secondary/sepersuasivewriting.pdf
Creative Writing - 15min
A written response to visual and written cues. Assess punctuation, content, creativity, construction, paragraphs, spelling and relevance.
Recommended study:
Practice a writing piece a day or a week under the time conditions around an image or short segment. [Since I am helping my cousin and younger brother apply, I will be providing potentially a topic a week.] 
Free Test: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/parents/secondary/creativewritingpractice.pdf
Science Tests
Science Reasoning - 15 questions, 30min (EBSS & JMSS)
Features questions related to biology, physics and chemistry.
Have knowledge of basic laws of motion, the first 20 elements, organelle functions, weight, pulleys, buoyancy, electricity and valence electrons.
Recommended Study:
Touch base with all the science topics from year 7-10. I remember seeing a question about pulleys which I had learnt in year 7 but, forgotten.
Science Report (JMSS)
A written response to a scientific topic. Tests to see if a student can provide a solution to a problem using the report structure.
Recommended study:
Practice writing practical reports based on problems.
Include an introduction, hypothesis, aim, method, discussion, potential problems, justification for method, conclusion and how it can help in the future.
The tests are all within those time constraints. However, content gets progressively harder the higher the year level at which you apply.
Application Rates - please note these are rough estimates for applicants each year. The amount of superiors are also just a guide, refer to comments as it is not the only factor.

Year 9
800 available spots.
Total Applicants: 3000
Spots Available;
MHS - 200
NHS - 100
SCHS - 100
MGHS - 200
NHS - 100
SCHS - 100
At least 2 superiors for a high chance, 1 if you’re lucky and if you go to a school where no one else applies.
Year 10
250 available spots. 
Total Applicants: 1200 (200 NHS, 800 JMSS, 200 SCHS, MHS ??, MGHS ??)
Spots available;
MHS - 20-25
NHS - 5
SCHS - 5?
JMSS -100
MGHS - 20-25?? (not sure) 
NHS - 5
SCHS - 5?
JMSS - 100
At least 3 superiors for the 4 selective schools (very limited spots, I only got 2 and was not able to make top 10). JMSS needs to have at least 1 superior and able to do well in the interview.
Year 11
100-120 available spots.
Total Applicants: 500? (150 EBSS, JMSS 250, NHS 10, SCHS?, MHS ?, MGHS ?)
Spots available;
MHS - <5
NHS - fill up remaining spots
SCHS - fill up remaining spots
JMSS - 10
EBSS - 20-50
MGHS - <5
NHS - fill up remaining spots
SCHS - fill up remaining spots
JMSS - 10
EBSS - 20-50
At least 4 superiors for the 4 selective schools (you need to be in top 5).
JMSS need to be in top 50, interview included.
EBSS need to be in top 100, interview included.
As we can see there are a very limited number of spots and it only gets harder as the year progresses, unless you apply for EBSS.
Interview Process
As one who only got one in year 9 for JMSS and year 10 for EBSS. I can't really provide many details about the other selective schools but, if anyone else has any information to help make this the best guide ever. It will be highly appreciated.
MHS – year 9-10 (unknown)
MGHS – year 9-10 (unknown)
NHS – year 10 (unknown)
SCHS – year 10 (unknown)
JMSS Interview Year 9 applying for year 10
They interview those within the top 50%.
At JMSS there are 3 parts - 1 with a group of interviewees, a 5min solo maths test and a 1 on 1 interview with a teacher.
1.   Group interview 
o   The key is to speak a lot and be a key contributor within your group. There are about 2 activities that you do with them.
o   One was about moving a piece from one side of the board to the other.
2.   Then there is a short maths test to test your mathematical ability.
o   I can't remember the specifics but mine was about number patterns.
3.   1 on 1 interview 
o   You need to bring your report - aim to average 80% above from year 8 sem 2 till year 9 sem 1
o   Questions that they ask - variation.
   Why do you want to come?
   What benefit is there compared to your old school?
   Do you do any extracurriculars?
   What are your interests/ambitions?
   Do you have an icon that you look up too?
   Name 3 scientists?
   Do you have any questions?
•   Ask a lot related to the school, learning environment so be interested. 
JMSS Year 10 applying for year 11 (unknown)
EBSS Interview - Refer to my other https://atarnotes.com/forum/index.php?topic=176822.0
Why make this?
Well I have this thing for helping others. Since I got a lot of feedback from the new EBSS students about my other guide. It felt great to help them so why not help even more people by providing information on this topic. I also thought, why not make a new guide this year :).
I also decided to make this since my younger brother and cousin are applying for the selective exams (applying for year 9). I've been asked to tutor and help them, so I decided to help everyone else.
Final Words
Thank you to everyone who read up to this point. I hope I was able to provide some insight into this selective process. Good luck, and study effectively. I wish you all the best when applying for these schools.
I'll be updating the guide throughout the year and replying to all the comments and messages. I'm mainly available through my social medias so if you want a fast response contact me through one of those.

Hi Jayce,

I saw your video on YouTube and found it very helpful for the year 9 selective exam! I am doing the selective exam this year and was just wondering to ask whether the exams at JAmes An, the tuition which I go to, is accurate or not? I have heard from places that it is harder than the exam, but also read that Henderson’s is harder than JAC? Also, how many superiors should you be getting in JAC for a chance of getting into Nossal High School or how many do you need in the real exam to get in?



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Re: DETAILED: All The Selective/Scholarship Exam Information [2020]
« Reply #20 on: October 18, 2021, 09:38:34 am »
I think you would be better off creating your own topic rather than posting in extremely old threads. These are pretty dormant and most of the people who once posted in them no longer write in them. Also, you do not have to go to several threads to type the same thing. If you post it once in a new thread, it will be easier to see and all the advice people give to you will be in one place. Now, I cannot speak for Jayce, but he has not been active for two months and I doubt you will get an answer from him soon since he is in university so there is no point in asking him if you won't get your answer before the exam.
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