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September 28, 2023, 01:01:36 am

Author Topic: How hard is the UCAT compared to medentry/official mocks  (Read 7660 times)

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How hard is the UCAT compared to medentry/official mocks
« on: July 10, 2021, 02:54:58 pm »
Hey, so I've got my UCAT in a few days, and I've done a decent amount of mocks so far.
I noticed a large difference between the controls on the UCAT consortium and Medentry, and a huge difference between the keyboard extension and my laptop keys.
How much harder is UCAT than Medentry?
From my experience, comparing the mocks on the official website with Medentry,
VR is much easier on the official website, DM is slightly harder on the official website or maybe roughly the same, QR is unbelievably BS and way more difficult on the official website (it basically feels like VR 2.0 with the amount of information I have to read through), AR is slightly harder on the official website and SJ is kinda the same. How much harder is the actual exam compared to the Medentry/official mocks?
Also, how are the controls on the actual exam? On medentry, the controls are quite smooth and I can shift through everything real quick. Though on the official website, it's a whole nother story. There's a slight delay when shifting between pages, and the controls are kind of weird (ctrl + alt + p/n/f etc) instead of (ctrl p/n/f) which ain't too bad, but the calculator is garbage. The calculator on the official website is really slow and takes a good half second to register inputs, and decimal places are really hard to see as well. I'm really scared if the controls are like they are on the official website.
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Re: How hard is the UCAT compared to medentry/official mocks
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2021, 05:44:24 pm »
Apologies for the slow reply (hopefully you see this in time!). I was waiting for another person who had more recent experience and/or did Medentry before chiming in (as well as looking for past responses to similar questions, but to no avail)

As I say, I can't claim to have any experience with MedEntry, and I don't have friends who used it in the past, either. I guess from my now limited memory on the content of official mocks and the actual exam when I did it there wasn't a significant difference. I was told that Medify compared favourably in my year. This is subject to change across the years of course, and there are multiple versions of the actual test (AFAIK there are three in rotation). You might be better off asking peers who have done the test this year to get the most recent details (and make the relevant comparisons from there (relative or otherwise)).

The controls on the actual exam I can talk about in more length. There definitely is a slight delay, the calculator I can agree is garbage. You need to practice with garbage controls, and since you're given working out paper, you need to be able to working out (rough or otherwise) quickly by hand since it's often quicker than using the calculator (rough answers are usually sufficient). imo sites like MedEntry are conditioned to help you learn the concepts, not necessarily to emulate the conditions you'll encounter in the exams. Practice at least a few times, but make sure you don't panic too much about this in the exam as this will deteriorate any technique you've built up since. If you lose time, you lose time, there's not too much you can do. You shouldn't really need many 'controls' outside of the ones you've listed, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Good luck! ;D
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