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December 01, 2022, 02:00:42 pm

Author Topic: Thank you to our newest Honorary Moderator 🎉  (Read 1806 times)

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Thank you to our newest Honorary Moderator 🎉
« on: October 26, 2021, 08:37:37 am »

We'd like to publicly acknowledge the contributions of one of our long-term AN members, moderators, and parts of our community: katie,rinos, who has decided to make the transition from National Moderator to Honorary Moderator. 🙏

Thank you katie,rinos: Honorary Moderator #28

katie,rinos joined ATAR Notes in mid-2017, and has since made more than 1,000 posts on the forums, with a focus on the HSC subjects below - but across the entire site (including strong presence in our more general sections):

✅  HSC Extension History
✅  HSC Music
✅  HSC Legal Studies
✅  HSC Ancient History

Several of these sections have traditionally been a little overlooked on AN, and katie,rinos has done a mammoth job to grow resources for those areas. Check out some of these threads:

🔥 VET Resource thread
🔥 VET Hospitality: Sample Hospitality Extended Responses
🔥 HSC Music: Tips for the aural analysis exam!!
🔥 HSC Music: How to prepare for the HSC music performances (from a girl that did four)!!
🔥 HSC History: How to study and memorise all your evidence for history!!
🔥 What is History Extension? A guide for subject selection
🔥 HSC History Extension: History Extension key terms/definitions
🔥 HSC History Extension: How I planned and wrote my History Extension essays!!

That's a seriously excellent body of work, and that's even before we consider general replies, feedback, and contributions that katie,rinos has provided over several years.

Personally, some of my all-time favourite ATAR Notes threads to follow have come from katie,rinos, including their long-term threads on driving (this one was very relatable 😬), uni, and the HSC.

As a moderator, katie,rinos has been diligent, innovative, and has consistently provided a positive presence. But as an ATAR Notes person more generally, katie,rinos has really embodied everything we value: empathy, kindness, and a true desire to help others. As an extremely highly valued member of AN, we thank katie,rinos for all of their contributions since joining more than four years ago.

We're looking forward to seeing katie,rinos around, proudly wearing the shiny new Honorary Moderator title, but for now, please join me in saying thank you!

Thank you katie,rinos: Honorary Moderator #28

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