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July 18, 2024, 06:31:38 am

Author Topic: 6th subject  (Read 6818 times)

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6th subject
« on: November 06, 2020, 12:07:00 am »
Okay so I’m going from year 9 to year 11. I’m doing Methods, English, Chemistry, Biology 3/4, and physics. I need a 6th subject but I don’t know what to do. I want something that will score high, but won’t require too much attention or homework so I can focus on the other subjects. I wanted to do specialists maths, but I can without year 10 maths. Preferably something I can do units 3/4 with.
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Re: 6th subject
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2020, 10:23:07 am »
Psych 34 doesn't depend much at all on 12, it's mostly just the research methods stuff so if you didn't pay much attention in 1/2 it wouldn't have much impact for 34. As another science subject it would also give you the opportunity to get more feedback on science report writing etc?

(I did literature 1/2, bio 3/4, psych 1/2, chem 1/2, physics 1/2, methods 1/2 in year 11 & self-taught year 10 maths the year before)


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Re: 6th subject
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2020, 07:33:43 pm »
In your situation, I’d probably suggest the following, depending on your interests and career intentions (which from your earlier posts, I understand you want to become a scientist):
- General Maths U1/2 which becomes Further Maths U3/4: Arguably, General doesn’t take up a lot of time, basically covers some of Year 10 maths (very doable even if you didn’t do it) and isn’t “overly difficult”. Some concepts, particularly data and stats, taught in this subject will likely be crucial if you’re deadset on a scientific career.
- Psych: see Bri’s post above.
- Health and Human Development: Pairs well with the sciences, especially if you’re into the biology/ health sciences/ medicine fields.
- Business Management: A good break from your other subjects, I’ve heard quite a few people doing this “because it doesn’t have a huge workload”, though it is hearsay. Would also be good for a more varied skill set, which is becoming more necessary these days (for employment, for personal improvement, for adulthood, etc.).
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