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July 18, 2024, 05:07:15 am

Author Topic: VET Health Questions  (Read 4777 times)  Share 

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VET Health Questions
« on: June 21, 2019, 06:39:45 pm »
Hey :), I am considering if I should do a VCE VET program in one of the health areas.
There are three choices:
1. Certificate 2 in Health Support Services
2. Certificate 3 in Allied Health Assistance
3. Certificate 3 in Health Services Assistance

Can anyone tell me the difference and any other relevant info? advantages and disadvantages and the RTOs that provide this?

Is it worth doing if I want to become a doctor or something in the health side of things?


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Re: VET Health Questions
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2019, 05:21:04 pm »
 I would recommend the cert 3 in allied health assistance or the cert 3 in health services assistance .

I did the cert 3 In health services assistance ( specialising in assisting in acute care nursing ) ( which I  only complete 1 year of it ) this course helps you to obtain baseline skills and knowledge for you to work in a hospital as a health assistant nurse or a patient services assitant , mind you it is extremely difficult to get work placement in a hospital ( this is something you should think about when choosing or considering which course you want to do! , and also see if your careers teacher at your school will help you with )

I was extremely lucky to get a placement at the Austin hospital and also at an aged care facility , which is were I know work whilst completing my year 12 VCE.

The Cert3 in allied health assistance is for individuals wanting or are interested in a course in allied health e.g : physiology , O.t , etc. this course their is more opportunities for placement as you can complete this in hospitals , aged care , private practices and clinics .

The cert 2 in health support services isn't normally offered for VCE VET Health , to my knowledge at any RTOS , however I'm aware of the course been mentioned by VCAA .

RTOS that offers these VCE VET programs include :
- Box Hill Institute ( that's were I completed mine )
- Swinburne Wantirna
- Chisholm ?

The Advantages of the VCE VET Health Programs is :
- you gain a relevant qualifacation at the conclusion of your VCE studies , which can help you get a job and experience in the health care industry.
- The course provides you an insight in to the health sector , to see if you really want to do this as a career after school or get tertiary education in this field.
- Get " free" / study periods because you will only have to do 4 subjects at school instead of 5 ( depends between schools )

The Disadvantages of the VCE VET Health Program is :
- often you miss classes due to leaving early for vet .
- work placement arrangement is difficult .
- Assesments ,pratical skill demonstration ( may be difficult for some people )

I would say the VCE VET Health programs would not be beneficial for someone who wants to be a doctor , I would say the VCE VET Health programs would be beneficial for someone who wants to be a nurse , aged care worker , physio ,O.T , or anyone who isn't sure of what area of health the want to pursue .

I hope this is helpful . :)