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December 07, 2023, 07:53:36 am

Author Topic: HSC English Advanced + Extension 1 Essays  (Read 4056 times)  Share 

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HSC English Advanced + Extension 1 Essays
« on: November 09, 2020, 11:07:42 pm »
Hi everyone!

I just graduated from a highly selective school and have received consistently high marks in the English Advanced and Extension 1 course. I am selling my best essays that have repeatedly marked and refined by my two English teachers, both of whom are experienced HSC markers. I assure you these essays are extremely articulate, concise and have a significant lexical density. Further, I have placed a profound focus on it being rubric-focused so that they are adaptable to a diverse range of questions. These will serve as a strong foundation for developing your own essays that are of top quality.

As a result of the change of syllabus from 2019 onwards, it is extremely difficult to find exemplar essays on these specific texts - I guarantee these essays will guide you tremendously throughout your final year of high school - whether that be taking bits of analysis and quotes, or emulating the structure of it.


All modules are only $5 each!
If buying more than one:
- 2 modules for $8
- 3 modules for $12

Common Module: Rosemary Dobson's poems
- Mark: 20/20
- FOCUS: Young Girl at a Window, Summer's End and Cock Crow
- Extensive analysis of structure/form
- Multiple quotes including integrated quotes

Module A: Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and The Hours by Stephen Daldry
- Mark: 20/20
- Includes page references
- Question includes EXTRACT + IMAGE - a highly examinable area in exams
- 4 body paragraphs (2 on each text)
- Extensive analysis of both visual and textual forms
- Profound focus on the rubric

Module B: King Henry IV Part 1 by Shakespeare
- Mark: 19/20
- Focuses on the characters of Hal, Hotspur and Falstaff
- Highly conceptual and unique from other generic analysis
- Extensive focus on both structure/form as well as Shakespeare's use of language
- Contextual references

Module C: Creative + Reflection inspired by What Time Is It Now, Where You Are? by Colum McCann
- Highly sophisticated in language and descriptions
- Concise but detailed reflection which meets the top criteria



Elective: Worlds of Upheaval
- Mark: 25/25
- Prescribed texts: Waiting for Godot, Frankenstein
- Related text: Dr Faustus
- Top band in ALL exams
- Generic essay that fits with MANY QUESTIONS
- Highly sophisticated in its analysis with form/structure as well as language techniques/stylistic devices


I am also offering an English essay marking service for the above texts for only $15 per essay! (Max: 1200 words). I will spend at least ONE HOUR on each essay to provide you will the most beneficial feedback possible. I guarantee highly edited essays with feedback on EVERY LINE including tips and tricks from selective school HSC markers. Comments will focus on:
- structure/form
- connection with the rubric
- use of language
- pertinence to the question
- coherence
- length
- sophistication of ideas

And even after I have sent the essay back, if you have further questions, I will happily answer them and assist you to the best of my ability with NO EXTRA COST!

If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to PM me!

Happy studying!