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June 15, 2024, 09:58:05 pm

Author Topic: Time Management URGENT (*crying)  (Read 3809 times)

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Time Management URGENT (*crying)
« on: October 06, 2021, 10:12:44 pm »
OK ok so the subjects I'm doing for my HSC are:
English Advanced
Maths Advanced
Modern History
Business Studies

and I'm just having trouble figuring out how to balance my study time. I struggle with maths and biology the most, and english advanced is ok but can be improved on. Modern and Business I tend to do well in, and Drama I haven't lost a mark since Year 7.

If I get home at 5pm and go to bed at 11pm, how many hours of study should I spend per subject? Do I have to study EVERY subject EVERY day, or can I swap them around.

Thank you to any advice, I really appreciate it :)


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Re: Time Management URGENT (*crying)
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2021, 06:57:49 am »
Hello there,

The fact that I'm using this site when I opened my laptop to correct my Spesh exam is good credit for my authority to answer this question. But please don't feel helpless. Your feelings are normal - year 12 IS HARD. like sooper, dooper, HARD (idk why I thought it'd be cool to type sooper, dooper). I'm a VCE student but I reckon we're in a similar boat; if you're into it we could collab for a bottled water company with our cumulative tears.

Doing ALL subjects in one day is a bad idea because not only will it be tiring, your quality of work will also go down as you keep shifting focus from one task to the next. If you come home at 5, assuming a generous 2 hours of break and meals, you have about 4 hours to study until 11. I wouldn't recommend more than two subjects at once.

I'd suggest you spend a little bit of time making a priority list for each subject - what are your weakest areas? There's no point studying for something you're very confident with. If you struggle with Maths and Biology the most, that's where most of your work needs to be done. Then again, even if you're cruising through drama, still revise for it - you want to maintain your strength.

I have no clue how HSC English works, but if it's anything like most English courses, I assume there'd be essays. Which can be tedious. VCE English exams are 3 hours long with three essays. You'd grow middle finger biceps if you did those every day. For subjects like English, I recommend planning essay questions in detail without writing full essays - saves time; but if you want to improve writing about something specific, you can do targeted paragraphs.

My best advice would be to make a plan. Sit down for an hour, create a list of things you need to improve, then set realistic goals for each week leading up to your exams. The frequency of how often you study for a subject should be based on how confident you are at it. I'm assuming you'd want to spend the most time on Bio and Maths, and the least on Drama. If you dont know where to improve, I'd suggest going over a past practice exam as a diagnostic and then looking over what areas you felt were the least comfortable to answer. Targeted revision this way is an efficient way to get things done.

Of course this may not work for you. Feel confident to have your own plan and trust yourself a bit. Just make sure you're taking care of yourself and treating yourself to enough breaks. Breaks in moderation are as important as study itself and you'll crash if you overwork your brain. Don't hold your pee and reward your studies by allowing yourself to use the toilet (I'm guilty).

Good luck! You've got this!
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