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October 01, 2023, 06:00:58 am

Author Topic: URGENT !!! HELP!!  (Read 2449 times)  Share 

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« on: July 22, 2021, 11:24:05 pm »

HI guys!!!!

I wasnít sure where to post this as there is no topic for history or geo so I posted it here but PLEASSE HELP

Tomorrow at 5pm I have to have my subjects for vce chosen and I donít know if I should do 3/4 geo or 3/4 history
These are my already chosen subjects:
English (standard)
English lit
Math Mathods
Psych 1/2
Iíve heard history is pretty hard but idk
For reference i score like okay in history like B+ Or an A and in Geo itís mostly an A. Idk which one to choose and Iím like freaking out a lot. Anyone with any idea, if you have done 3/4 as a year 11 or even 12 ANY INPUT IS WELCOMED!!! I really need some advice 😰😰😰