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June 25, 2024, 07:00:37 am

Author Topic: Year 10 here can someone give me feedback on my essay paragraph.  (Read 1631 times)  Share 

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Over the term break we had to read a novel i chose to read fight club. I decided to right up a quick paragraph on it to gauge by ability's and understanding of the novel this essay has typical What How Why format and i neglected to base it off a prompt so this is more of a spitfire analysis  :)

Chuck P's debut novel fight club employs themes of religion, violence, and rebellion to critique the toxic masculine shadow. Which author Chuck P believes is suppressed by our modern consumerist lifestyle. Antagonist Tyler Durnin takes issue with said aforementioned consumerist lifestyle leading him to form a grassroots club turned cult in a misguided attempt to stage an ultra-masculine coup on God. Due to his belief that he is "god's middle child" and fear that "God hates him." Tyler becomes the replacement for God in the eyes of his followers and even himself, as expressed through an attempt to reach "Perfection" for just one second at the beach. However, Tyler distinguishes himself from God by manifesting Himself as a destroyer, declining God's traditional role as the creator. The narrator initially serves as a foil to Tyler's ultra-masculine ideology by choosing instead to attend support groups for ailments he doesn't have. Initially, this feminine way or emotional release is sufficient for the narrator, who views it as a spiritual experience. Claiming,  "Every evening he dies and is reborn." However, upon meeting Tyler Durnin, the feminine societal structures he relies on are revealed to be insufficient. This flip from society's default feminine attitude into that of Tylers manifests itself literally with the two becoming one and the same. The author uses this to argue that society is binary, and any attempt to leave the current "Society of men raised by women" will result in the destructive nature of Tyler overcoming and swallowing you whole.

Btw sorry about the weak second what how why