HSC Study Guides

The ATAR Notes HSC Study Guides are renowned for their ease of use, comprehensive nature, and value to HSC students. The study guide range features the Complete Course Notes, which cover the Core content and other skills-based advice, and the Topic Tests, which  feature high-quality practice questions accompanied by detailed solutions.

HSC Study Guides – ATAR Notes Complete Course Notes

Students love the ATAR Notes Complete Course Notes because it saves them time. The Notes cover every single dot-point with the Core syllabus, meaning they cover what’s examinable and omit everything else. Hence, there’s no unnecessary information that students might waste their time on learning. Instead, the Notes provide them with everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

HSC Study Guides – ATAR Notes Topic Tests

The ATAR Notes Topic Tests could be the most beneficial resource available to HSC students. There’s two reasons why.

The Topic Tests are made up of a combination of question types. They contain both originally written questions and questions from past HSC papers. This allows students to become more familiar with the HSC examination style and exposes them to a wide variety of challenging questions. The benefit here is that, when it comes time for an actual assessment that counts, students are comfortable, confident, and ready to score well.

The Tests also come with detailed solutions. That is, there is a step-by-step explanation accompanying each question rather than just a simple answer. So, there’s no frustrating cause for confusing when  a student gets an answer wrong and doesn’t know why. Now, students can immediately rectify their misunderstandings and learn from their mistakes in a quicker, better way. That’s why the Topic Tests are so beneficial.