HSC Year 12 Study Guides

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Our HSC Year 12 Study Guides are the best HSC resources out there. Written by high-achievers and state rankers, these books do the hard work for you. Our titles condense what you need to know and teach you how to apply your knowledge.

HSC Complete Course Notes Explained

HSC Topic Tests Explained

The Complete Course Notes are concise subject summaries that cover the entire course. And more importantly, it’s all explained from a student perspective, so you can get quickly and easily grasp concepts before you cover them in class. Or, you can use these as revision tools before your assessments to make sure you’re prepared. You’ll also find plenty of tips, tricks, and advice from someone who was only recently in your shoes.

The Topic Tests are for when you’re ready to put your knowledge to the test! These books contain a tonne of practice questions arranged by topics and syllabus dot points. This means you can refine your test-taking abilities all throughout the year, not just in the lead up to Trials. In particular, these HSC Year 12 Topic Tests will help you develop your actual exam skills in teaching you how to maximise your marks. At school (or with our Complete Course Notes) you’ll cover the content, but the Topic Tests will walk you through applying this understanding in assessments, which is where most students struggle. Every question is accompanied by a detailed sample solution, and commentary with advice for similar question types, making this an outstanding resource for any student looking to get ahead in the HSC!

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