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Our VCE Units 1&2 Study Guides are the best VCE resources out there. Written by high-achievers and premier award winners, these books do the hard work for you. Our titles condense what you need to know and teach you how to apply your knowledge.

VCE Complete Course Notes Explained

Our VCE Notes are simply unbeatable when it comes to study score benefit. All of our VCE Notes are authored by elite VCE graduates, meaning they provide a unique perspective and a unique advantage for current students. With these Study Guides, you’ll learn from someone who’s done it! That means you don’t need to freak out over 6 SACs in one week. You don’t have to worry about challenging questions in your exams. And you’ll be relieved to know that with these Notes, there’s always a reliable and trustworthy voice guiding you in the right direction. But these notes don’t just teach you the crucial pieces of content – they also come with mark-saving tips, tricks, and secrets that cannot be found in any other set of notes or textbooks.

Our VCE Topic Tests have to be the single most beneficial VCE resource on the market. They all contain a tonne of originally written questions for you to practise. There are also select questions sourced and updated from past VCAA exams. Each of these questions also has an accompanying solution that’s rich with detail and specifically designed to make students significantly better in exam-style situations. And all for the phenomenal price of just $37! The value-for-money found in this resource comfortably dominates any similar product. And best of all, the Topic Tests are designed to make you feel more confident for your SACs and exams.

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