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May 22, 2024, 06:49:31 pm

Author Topic: Has anyone done the Advance Standing Studies Regarding Criminology at Deakin?  (Read 4476 times)  Share 

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Sarah P

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Hey, so today my 3/4 psychology teacher gave me the opportunity to apply for the VCE Psychology university extension study (as I'm in Yr 11 and ranked 3rd in my cohort currently) at either Deakin or UoM.

Even though I really enjoy this subject, I don't want to continue it in uni and would rather pursue a criminology major. However, I am planning to study at Monash instead (so i can do a BA whilst majoring in criminology and journalism). So, I was wondering whether you think it would be beneficial or not to apply for the extension at Deakin

BTW- Im doing 5 subjects next year and I'm not too sure as to whether it will be more beneficial to spend my extra classes studying for those other subjects or use it to try to get the extension study increment

Thanks  ;D
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If you're not interested in it, I wouldn't bother.

May not help out with uni, and if you're not interested, you're not going to do the work. Fuck it.

If you are legitimately interested, you can anyways credit it as electives anyway. I'd be doing it with 4 subjects, not 5, though. Why so adamant on doing 5? Is it a particular 5 you find important, or?