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September 22, 2023, 10:10:45 pm

Author Topic: Unit 3 folio is not looking good- can i redeem myself with my exam score?  (Read 3254 times)  Share 

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I stupidly procrastinated a lot throughout unit 3 and had to rush through at the end. I left 2 evaluations unfinished and annotations towards the end became rushed. I just want to know if it is still possible to get a  good study score, and how bad my grade for unit 3 folio might actually be (we aren't allowed to find out). I am more confident with my unit 4 folio, I worked really hard, and got 96-100% on written sacs throughout the year. I am good at theory so I think i can get an A+ on the exam, and my cohort all seem to be capable of pretty good exam scores which I am hoping will lift my unit 3! Would 35+ be on the table?