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June 18, 2024, 07:18:18 am

Author Topic: Is Chinese SL not worth doing before Year 11  (Read 2692 times)  Share 

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Is Chinese SL not worth doing before Year 11
« on: July 26, 2021, 03:37:42 pm »
Chinese SL is not worth doing before Year 11.

You can do it earlier at Chinese schools but it's so boring. If you do it in Year 8 or 9, you'll drop it. Because in Year 8 or 9 you're better off if you're Chinese focusing on Methods or even Spec.

If you're the smart Chinese kid and you're really studious focus on MATHS. There's no way in Year 8 or 9 you'd be be handle VCAA Math exams. 

The problem if you're someone that is good at Chinese before Year 11, you'd be really Chinese at school. Your home environment is so Chinese it might put too much pressure to do well before doing your STEM subjects.

If your Chinese family notices you're studying hard before VCE, they'll force you to become a doctor. Because you've showcased you can really study hard and they'll force you to do Methods, Chem and even the GAMSAT.

In Year 8 or 9, you DO NOT WANT your routine to be
STUDY really hard for Methods, Chem, even Spec
Chinese SL really Chinese even have the family helping out (oral, detailed study)
You're going to burnout because from so early on it's pressure to be a doctor.