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May 24, 2024, 04:50:40 pm

Author Topic: Is it too late to take VCE Vietnamese if I havenít done it prior  (Read 1762 times)  Share 

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Hi everyone!

Iím currently in Year 10 and might be moving schools for next year. The school I might go to donít offer Japanese which is what iím currently doing so i decided to look on VSL for out of school courses. I stumbled on Vietnamese and Iím wondering if itís too late to do it as a VCE subject.

I have a background in Vietnamese (my mother speaks it to me) but I canít really speak it well. Making me fluent at listening i guess? anyways Iím wondering on whether I should take it as an out of school VCE subject if i have no prior knowledge writing wise or just go with what I originally wanted which was Japanese. I still have time so if i start studying Vietnamese in my own time with help from family could I make up for years 7-10?

TLDR: is it too late to take vce vietnamese if i havení done it prior but understand the language to a good extent?

also iíve just joined this forum so iím not too sure on formatting

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Re: Is it too late to take VCE Vietnamese if I havenít done it prior
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Hi bell26!

Yes you might need to catch up on a bit but doing well in viet is definitely achievable. I know someone who did viet after quitting in yr 6 and then picking it back up again in yr 11.

Just remember to practice a lot by listening to songs (plenty of genres) , reading (you don't have to understand everything) or even watching paris by night.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them.

Hope this helps,
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