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September 27, 2023, 11:38:52 am

Author Topic: A big thank you to TSFX, donating over $15,000 in lecture passes to AN members  (Read 1604 times)  Share 

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I'd just like to extend an extremely profuse thank you to Irena Jaskula and all of TSFX for their outstanding support for the disadvantaged members of our community. With the help of TSFX, huge numbers of our community were allowed to attend Summer School lectures that they otherwise would not have been able to afford, receiving also detailed sets of notes as extra resources to help them through the year.

In total, 135 passes were generously handed to ATARNotes members who could prove that they were financially disavantaged. This is a truly awe-inspiring act of charity that has no doubt helped a great deal many of our members get a leg up this year in a system which is biased against them.

On behalf of the entire ATARNotes community, once again, thank you TSFX for your incredible donation to the ATARNotes, and indeed, wider VCE community.
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Thank you to the entire TSFX team for their contribution. One of our main goals is to expand access to premium educational services, and they've gone a long way to helping us achieve this goal!

Students that attended, it would be brilliant if you could please write a short review in our tutoring review section for TSFX. It will go a long way in terms of letting other students deciding between lecture courses!
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