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September 28, 2023, 08:17:06 pm

Author Topic: Announcing a price change to PE and Legal, and a delay to Legal Studies  (Read 873 times)  Share 

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Anyone who managed to snap up PE 3&4 or Legal Studies in pre-order got an absolute bargain. In the end, PE came out at 150 pages longer than we were expecting, weighing in at a whopping 310 pages. It's a huge tome of notes and exams that I wasn't expecting (Lex and Lisa did a MAGNIFICENT job), so due to the much higher production costs we've had to bring it into line with the Chem and Physics pricing structure.

We will of course be honouring all pre-orders that were bought for that price, but the new price for anyone wishing to buy it now (available from today!) is $35 ($30 for members).

Legal Studies has also added a significant amount of weight to what we were previously expecting and is looking like it will stand at around 250 pages. Unfortuantely because of this it has taken slightly longer to produce, and will not be available until next week (which means it also cannot be bought at the HS expo). We have similarly increased its price (and will honour all pre-orders).

Thank you to everyone for your understanding, and all book pre-orders involving Chem, Physics and Phys Ed will be going out today!

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