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May 28, 2023, 05:16:36 pm

Author Topic: Is Law boring? What are the boring parts?  (Read 4363 times)  Share 

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Is Law boring? What are the boring parts?
« on: December 29, 2015, 04:25:54 pm »
Another forum member sent me a PM which I responded to but I thought I would post my response here for the benefit of others:

I wouldn't really say there are 'boring' aspects because there's always stuff to do and the content is quite engaging [at least to me], I think a better word is 'mundane' at times, simply because there's a fair bit of reading to do, if you do decide to do the readings [most students don't really].

You don't really have to memorise anything as pretty much all of the exams are open book, so you bring your notes etc. in with you. You moreso need to understand how to recall, understand and apply the content, not really memorise it.

Some of the introductory units may be a bit dry if you have done VCE legal studies because it repeats a bit, but that's only the first few weeks of the course. In Law there are many compulsory units you need to graduate, and some more you need to become a practicing lawyer [quasi-compulsory], if there is a certain area of law you don't like but have to do, you may find it boring, but that's no reason to avoid law if you want to study most of the course.

I think if you have a genuine interest in Law and aren't just picking it for the prestige or because your parents want you to then you would find it engaging. There are plenty of people in the latter category which just hate it because they aren't actually interested in Law at all.
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