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June 01, 2023, 08:48:43 am

Author Topic: WACE: how does atar work?  (Read 4302 times)  Share 

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WACE: how does atar work?
« on: July 01, 2016, 01:13:09 am »
How is our atar actually calculated?
At school i take 6 atar subjects for yr11
So far the raw averages i have for the first unit are:
69% for poltics and law
73% for chem
73% for human bio
59% for english
55% for methods
56% for specialist
But im not sure if these averages are bad or not. I am also not sure whether the 2nd unit is independant from your first unit average. Do you get a year score?

I did particularly bad for methods failing  the exam that is worth 40% of the first unit. Is there any hope for me to improve and get a good atar? I wish to get into medicine but im already starting to stress TTT ^ TTT

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