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June 20, 2024, 03:40:16 pm

Author Topic: Master of none (Appleandbeeís University Journal),  (Read 2028 times)

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Master of none (Appleandbeeís University Journal),
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:49:56 pm »
Hi there,

So I chose an unoriginal title at the loss of ideas, but Aziz Ansari (producer and main actor in Master of None) just won a Golden Globe, so itís fitting. You should all go and watch it on Netflix, if you havenít done so yet. ĎMaster of noneí is the negatively-connotated philosophy that pretty much sums up the manner in which Iíve approached (unintentionally) various matters such as careers, interests and studies especially in my late high school and first year of university. I am reasonably pleased to say though, that as Iíve just finished my 2nd year of university (Bachelor of Science at Unimelb), that Iím committed to a few things that Iím very interested in (drop a lot of half-committed things after my first year of uni). It still seems like a lot to many people, but Iím genuinely interested in those things and like building up my skills in an in depth manner.

PS. If you are at Unimelb and would like to talk in real life, shoot me a message!

What am I studying/academic interests?

As mentioned before, I am doing a Bachelor of Science at Unimelb (two more years to go). My academic interests are: Biology (Molecular biology and genetics, Ecology + ecosystems, Biochemistry and Neuroscience), Chemistry, Anthropology (sociocultural and medical), Economics, Philosophy and Literature. I havenít studied Lit formally (hopefully Iíll get the chance to), but I love the concept of breaking down and analysing texts, especially anything science/dytopian fiction, environmental literature and post-colonial. My university studies are centred around Biology, Chemistry, Anthropology and Philosophy. I am also completing a Micromasters program in Data, Economics, and Development Policy through MIT.

What do I do outside of my university studies?

I debate competitively at my universityís debating society, where I was fortunate enough to compete at national and international majors last year, with hopefully more to come. I am also involved in improv comedy/theatre which Iím really enjoying (Iím doing classes, occasional performing and jam opportunities since I started 3 month ago, getting to know the community, spending my weekend/Friday nights seeing free shows since I am a student at the theatre). I facilitate workshops, content development and write workshop outlines for an interpersonal and gendered violence initiative. Within the university, apart from debating, I am involved in the Melbourne University Health Initiative (which also organizes the SWOT programs, I may get involved in them this year) in the capacity of a Publications Officer where Iíll be in charge of editing and organising the Global Health magazine for this year (if you are interested in writing, hit me up). I am also looking to do sketch writing with the universityís comedy revue (since a friend from the theatre Iím in is very involved), the microfinance initiative as a consultant (I applied last year, but was unsuccessful after the interviews stage), Global Health Mentoring Program and the People of Colour/Womenís magazine. I am also in the works of getting a Sudanese students mentoring program to Unimelb (through an indigenous education program which I used to do mentoring at, the CEO is currently exploring the idea of having a Sudanese one at Unimelb). I also got a job last month as a presenter with a schoolsí study skills workshops provider (for the last two years, I worked as debating adjudicator in the Victorian schoolsí competition body, which Iíll be involved to a far lesser degree this year. I also do editorial interning). I plan on resuming Cello lessons and grades when I save up money from my new job. Furthermore, I am looking to do sport/exercise again, probably tennis and dance, since Iíve can fit them around my schedule and they are relatively injury free compared to other sports.
Outside of that, I like watching and following European football/soccer (Liverpool!!!) as well as Netflix (procrastination from my dreams of learning the art of screenwriting, filmmaking and producing). Also working to gain the motivation to learn (probably through the near impossible task of self- studying) Arabic or Hindi and improve my Spanish, if I ever find the resilience and time to do so LOL.

Why/how do I do all those things?

I mainly became a Ďdoing thingsí type, after high school (or maybe after halfway through my first year uni), after an existential crisis (which I define as slightly further then a mental health one). As I detailed in past posts, high school as well as the post-high school years were difficult for me. Having to find myself and my inability to know how to experience happiness after everything that happened as well as the sadness I felt whenever I saw the joy that little children possessed, made me come to realisation of what I missed out on and my lack of sense of value. That emptiness, I think, pushed me to do things that I can find joy and value in.

What do I plan to do after my undergraduate degree or post- university?

After my undergrad, Iíll hopefully be studying postgrad medicine and taking advantage of unique opportunities that comes by (the International Global Health case competitions look so good). I may do a JD, if I were to receive a full scholarship. Law is something Iím really interested in studying as well and could provide my opportunities in areas Iím interested in (volunteering, mooting, research, policy, more insight in areas like human trafficking, health, gender, and sexuality in international human rights law, global health law, state-building as well as environmental law), but the time and cost canít be justified without a full scholarship, given that Iím not really interested in working in corporate or general civil law (the most common career pathways), and would end up doing medicine anyway if I can.
I also hope to gain experience in management consulting through internships (mainly because I am interested in the thinking processes in the profession as well as learning more about the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries) and tech startups aimed at social impact. I plan on furthering my journalism experience, and pitch, research, photograph and write my own feature pieces. Also pursuing my creative interests (maybe by then Iíll get into filmmaking, directing and screenwriting as well, Iíve been looking at summer courses at New York Uni Tisch for practical experience, because I can dream given the price) and volunteering interests. I also did a Neuroscience research gig, while research it interesting and I probably try to do more of it  in the future in areas Iím interested in , pursuing academia, research based masters or PhD isnít my thing because I donít really have the required patience and I donít like writing grants.
Although Iím not comfortable admitting (I always say I donít know, when people ask me what I would like to achieve), Iím planning on applying for the Rhodes Scholarship (after or during postgrads). I wonít get it, but I feel like the qualities and commitment the scholarship values, forms the best version of myself that I try to be every day. It probably means a lot because everything that has happened has shaped the person I try to be as well as the things that I do. The vision of the scholarship is enough to make me apply, as well as the fact Oxford has two courses Iím really interested, in addition to the competitive debating scene and improv group over there.

How have I found the university experience?

I havenít really been as engaged in the social side of university anywhere near as much as I would have like (very little), like I have friends at university from my various extra-curriculars, but I didnít even know the names of people in my tutorials (and didnít make a single friend from there). This coming year, I hope to be more engaged in tutorials and make friends from my subjects.
As for the admin and student support side of university itís hit and miss, like there was a student enrolment support person who took a month (while I provided irrelevant documentation that he requested) to tell me that I needed to apply for special consideration at a very late stage instead of a late withdrawal while providing me a reason he could have given me from the very start. Whereas I had good experiences with the Centrelink/financial aid support people, Unsatisfactory Progress Committee (which is made up of university academics, who helped me remove the financial and academic penalties from last semester when I stopped attending classes and missed the assignments/exams after a friend died and a couple of other incidents) and the Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS) team.

In the future, Iíll probably be writing much shorter summaries and posts about my studies, about the opportunities offered and that you can be a part of, the path to postgrad, reflections about uni and the future as well as other stuff that people may be interested in.  :)

VCE Class of 2015

Studying Anthropology, Philosophy and Biology at Unimelb


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Re: Master of none (Appleandbeeís University Journal),
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A true jack of all trades  ;)