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June 01, 2023, 10:01:43 am

Author Topic: Year 10 (Stage 5) Electives Reviews & Ratings  (Read 12810 times)

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Re: Year 10 (Stage 5) Electives Reviews & Ratings
« Reply #15 on: December 23, 2018, 11:23:18 pm »
Elective Name:  Drama

Continued from Year 9 or picked up in Year 10?: Picked up in Year 10

Workload: Light. Little to none theory, very practical based.

Assessment: Most of our assessments were monologues and performances, this is what contributed the most to our overall grade. In class performances and your involvement is what leads to best results.

Exam Thoughts: (What's the structure? How hard was it?) There was no written exams. All my drama exams were monologues where we had no time to prepare just beforehand and was intense. In comparison to other written exams it was easier.

Textbook Recommendation: (What did you use? How much did you use it?) We used this book 'A Practical Approach To Drama quite alot but other than that we did not use text books.

Recommended Other Resources: Definitely Youtube. Looking at other peoples performances is great to inspire ideas, I found this especially helpful on the unit we did on Mask. As long as you don't copy  ;D

Year of Completion: 2018

Rating:   5 out of 5!!!

Your Mark/Grade: (Optional) A - Top of my class

Comments: Overall Drama was my favourite subject this year, alongside English. It is a great area to let go and be creative. Even if you are shy you are never pressured to do more than you are capable of, but it is always great to get outside your comfort zone. I highly recommend drama even if you are not considering doing it for the HSC.  :D
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