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April 21, 2024, 11:28:31 am

Author Topic: Business Management vs Accounting ??  (Read 5894 times)  Share 

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Business Management vs Accounting ??
« on: September 27, 2018, 09:59:00 am »
I'm reconsidering what I put down for my subjects for year 12 next year. One of them is whether I should do Business Management or Accounting... I'm doing both in year 11 now, I find that I am ranked higher in my Business Management class than Accounting (but still fairly high in accounting too)...

I chose accounting first because I like the idea of it being more 'mathmatical' in that there is either a right or wrong entry, where as in Busman, there's a lot of explaining to do and a higher possibility to lose marks.

I enjoy both subjects, although I do enjoy business a bit more because of the less mathmatical side of it (will be doing methods, spec and chem).

One of the main reasons I chose accounting over business was the scaling and the perception that easy loss of marks and those marks hitting your score hard.

Would the fact that I enjoy Business Management more be an answer to my own question.

I think quite a few people may be in the same situation as myself and am in search of some past and present students and their opinions. These two subject are more or less just to boost my atar.. Not a prereq.

I'm thinking about going along the roots of commerce too.

What do you think? Which is easier? Which is best?

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Re: Business Management vs Accounting ??
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2018, 03:31:09 pm »
I would probably go with Accounting to be honest, especially since since there is a new study design out. I'm doing both at the moment at the more mathematical side of Accounting is nice, whereas with business management it's a lot more vague.
There is more recent focus on theory in accounting, however the structure the assessors desire is very clear and in someway very methodical. I'm not 100% on the new study design but more of accounting 1/2 carries over to 3/4 compared to business management and in my opinion accounting is a lot more relevant in the real word (if you were to ever run a small business).

Business management content is a lot easier however once you get into the groove of accounting it doesn't become too difficult. You cannot risk falling behind in accounting and the start of the year is crucial to whether you love or hate the subject by the end.  I hate to bring it up, but also think about the scaling/effort ratio.