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May 19, 2024, 09:01:55 am

Author Topic: Has anyone heard much about Torrens University/Billy Blue College of Design?  (Read 5916 times)  Share 

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I was sent an offer, just weighing up my options on each course.


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I've heard of Torrens University before, but not much on Billy Blue College of Design. (Apparently the latter is the design faculty of the former.)   

Basically there are only two major drawbacks I can see:
- It's got small class sizes and is a smaller uni, so you won't really have any subject flexibility or much choice of teacher/ class/ classmates.
- It's a private university, so it will likely have smaller cohorts (something they've advertised) and higher fees than a public uni. I found this on their fees.

I also did my 2 minutes of research. Here's what I found:
- It's apparently one of the newer universities. It remains unranked as research composes a part of the rankings and Torrens is yet to do so.
- I found some solid specialist degrees and, depending on degree, you'll have compulsory industry experience within your degree.
- Torrens Uni goes via trimesters.
- It still allows you to put your fees on HECS.
- There's also a few scholarships on the financial front, so if you get one, it might cut down the cost a bit.   

I'd recommend that you do a little research of your own as well, so that you can make a decision for yourself. :)
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