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September 28, 2023, 12:42:20 am

Author Topic: Concern for Study Score  (Read 997 times)  Share 

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Concern for Study Score
« on: August 13, 2020, 11:23:21 pm »
I'm a little bit worried that with my current SAC marks and overall work in my class that I'm not going to be able to get the Study Score that I would like. I have received marks that have been graded 'Very Low' which I believe is 25%-40%. I'm concerned that I have already ruined any chances of getting anywhere near 25 as a study score, despite current circumstances. Even though I can claim that the two recent COVID-19 lockdowns have affected my grades, I think that whether we had locked down or not, my grades still wouldn't be good.

I try to study hard and as well as I can. I can make good points in ACs and other essays required in Unit 4, though I just can't use metalanguage correctly, and have no way of being able to memorise anything. My use of evidence is also quite bad. I've tried lots to improve this, though it doesn't work out so well.

My overall concern is that I'm just afraid that my Study Score won't be enough by the end of the year, and I won't be able to get far with whatever marks I receive. If anyone from previous years ever had any doubts with their results or anything, would you be so happy as to consider what I can do to turn myself around? I would still like to keep a balance on my other subjects as well, hoping to achieve an ATAR somewhere around the mid-60s.
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Re: Concern for Study Score
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2020, 07:44:26 pm »
Have you had any private conversations with your Eng Lang teacher about this? They might know what seems to be the issue and/or have handy advice to help with some of the issues you're having.

In terms of using metalanguage incorrectly, have you tried to review their definitions to help with identification or tried writing sentences that use them in context? Is it purely a memory issue? Have you tried to practise identifying where a certain technique/ metalanguage has been used in the texts given for an AC? (I did this last one a lot when I ran out of time to write practise ACs when I did Eng Lang way back when. I also wrote dot point plans with linguistic evidence for essay prompts if I didn't have time to write a full practise essay.)

As for use of evidence, what seems to be the issue there? Is it that you can't remember relevant linguists' quotes when writing essays, haven't collected enough relevant evidence or something else entirely?

If you can start to identify why this problem is happening, you'll be able to start finding ways to, in your words, "turn [yourself] around".   
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