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June 22, 2024, 03:13:16 am

Author Topic: Lucy's count down journal  (Read 404 times)

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Lucy's count down journal
« on: November 11, 2020, 09:18:29 pm »
I've seen a few people keep a journal on here, and honestly regret not doing one earlier, but I just thought that for the next week or so, as I finish my exams, I should jot some things down here to get myself together and relax once in a while. So here I am
November 11th

English exam: done!
I was actually so nervous for this one, but it actually turned out pretty good(well at least I thought it did). Now I'm preparing for the rest of my exams
Here's how I'm going

Honestly, this one isn't going too great, I keep making silly mistakes and I really want 45+ so
Right now I'm averaging around 37/40 for E1 and 72/80 for E2. I actually never check over my practice exams and mark them as soon as I'm done to save time, I usually have about 10 mins left for E1 and 20 for E2 so hopefully in the actual exam the little errors issue will be resolved

Similar as above. Weirdly tho, I'm feeling more confident about spesh than methods, maybe because the questions are usually not as trippy  and the scaling is amazing so less pressure here

My sacs were not great for chem - not terrible, but not A+. I'm currently averaging around 102-110/120 so fingers cross for that 40+

In a similar state as chem - really trying to make up the lack of effort during this year by smashing the exam. There's usually a bit of luck involved with physics though - the questions are super confusing and I can never get through an exam without seeing at least one question where I'm like wtf

this one's two days after phys and I've finished the questions so I'll be spamming prac exams as soon as VCE exams finish. I'm aiming for a 4.5 which isn't too hard considering you just need 80

Idk if my expectations are too high for my own good - I'm honestly trying to not put pressure on myself to get a certain score, and although I've listed out what I would like here, I'll be happy with whatever I get as I do feel I have given it my all