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September 25, 2023, 10:40:29 pm

Author Topic: Gym bro to derivatives trader  (Read 1388 times)

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Gym bro to derivatives trader
« on: April 02, 2021, 04:53:10 pm »
back story
Third year at UniMelb BCom (finance)/DMath (applied math) trying to be the best possible me the process. Current 20 year old  (I feel so old yiiikkeessssss), I am passionate about three things in life: gym, financial markets and math. I'll try and keep this journal to organize my thoughts and goals I have in life. For some background I was always a bit lost in life buuuut always had the right people backing me and that's why I know I can make it. Growing up as an eshay in my mid teens (14 to 17) from an immigrant family (dad is African and mum is east-euro so parents didnt really tolerate shit), I had no direction in life at all however always knew in year 8/9/10 I was good at maths/science/IT so I continued that into VCE, and spent yr 11 to 12 fluctuating between not giving a single shit and studying for like 2 weeks straight. Then year 11 came to a close and my 3/4 exams came up which where soft dev and methods, for once in my life (mainly cuz my mum told me) I pushed really hard and put in a few hard weeks and upon opening my first set of units 3/4 results I finally felt the feeling of being actually successful and it felt great (scored raw 44+ in both of the classes). So come year 12 I game planned it and decided I wanted my uni to be paid for by a scholarship. Then I had the goal and I went for it. By the end of the relatively rocky year with family issues, a nasty break up and regular motivation dips I pulled through with a scholarship to monash bachelors of Banking and Finance. The feeling of that achievement was incredible and ever since I have decided I'll work to every goal I have because that's what makes me truly happy. As I spent a lot of my teenage years being mad at stuff, smoking too much dope and wearing tns to hide a lack of personality and self fulfilment (i.e being an adlay).

I have only spent one year at monash since transferring to applied math/finance at melb however during that year I learned a lot about the finance industry but also who I am in this great big bad scary life. Over this one year of uni I also begun my second love of my life (next to learning about math/finance) which is gym, while before starting the gym I was an athlete (rubgy player, swimmer and did 100 pushups a day and all that) during uni I optimized my diet, 6 days a week for 2 hours I was able to stack 10kgs after a good bulk (fat, water, muscle ect...) and now as a 3rd year I hope to compete (I'm not going to disclose my natty status but it shouldn't matter tbh what all great bodybuilders have in common is drive and work ethic).

If anyone cares but fun fact: If anyone been on r/unimelb the bloke Bankingbrah is actually dating my cousin and has been a  been a mate for a few years (not main circle but he got me in the gym and we used to do esh stuff together), he also helped me with career direction (he's the one who told me about quant trading and why I'm doing the applied math diploma).

Longer term goals
- Want entry into finance honours '23 intake at unimelb. I would love to stay in uni for ~5years doing my math diploma (only cross crediting VC and DE) with honours because I love learning about all things, finance, econometrics/statistics and applied math. As during uni I would love to fill it with not only knowledge by happy memories of hectic parties, seshes with the boys and maybe even some causal dating. .i.e just enjoying life like god intended   
- Place first at a big bodybuilding show for classic physique before I graduate uni
- I want to work in either quant trading for a big prop trading firm (have been fornutate to intern at Akuna but I want to see any other firms like optiver, or even citadel/jane street over seas. Or possibly work in sales and trading at a budge bracket investment bank

Shorter term goals
Hopefully by the end of the sem I can comment here verifying that I was able to achieve the below:
- H1s in all my units
- Solid scores (85+ plz) in my FNCE classes so I can keep my good prospects for honours year
- since last year I secured akuna I hope this year I secure an internship at a bank or prop firm. I'm at a few interview stages so lets see where it takes us

How are my classes this sem
- Inv: bruh this class is just PoF with more steps, kind of feeling like it's easier than cfdm. It's an asset pricing class but but they just tell you to plug n play with the numbers. Really not making me that happy taking this class. Since asset pricing has so much proofs/intuition/math behind but all this class teaches is how to use a calculator. Poor effort in terms of content taught. I guess I'm waiting until fnce40002/adv inv until I get to touch the good stuff (proofs surrounding what actually goes on).
- DS: Takes a bit to understand what underlies each transaction. Buuuuut damn as a someone interested in trading this class is fucking great. Honestly Jon Dark does a great job teaching this class and there's so much to be learned about trading/finance from this class. 9.5/10, much better than inv. If you need a good breadth you cant go wrong with this class, dont pick inv but for my BBiomed/BSc/even BDes students looking for finance breadth you cant go wrong with: pof, cfdm and ds absolute ripper combo cuz you getta do DS
-  CA: So since I did AM1&DE at unimelb, and calc2 adv/VC adv back at monash (scored 93, 91 , 92 and 94 each) they let me do CA concurrently to RA. I can tell you that it's a very very tough class buuut far from undoable. This class has heavily developed my problem solving skills and really made me look at math quite differently. Incredibly good class very tough but really boosted my skills
- RA: ngl through past math studies I have more or less covered this whole class and then some. I also did a few hours watching khan academy before the class started (for CA prep). So far it's really been a breeze, I hope to score the top grade because Im tutoring all my mates in this class

- In short two classes which are really hard but very insightful and will definitely help in my future career (CA,DS), one just disappointing class Im not motivated in (Inv) and one class I practically already did (RA)

If anyone here holds similar interests/passions about math/finance/markets/trading/bodybuilding hmu, always willing for a chat
2017 - 2018: VCE:
FM. MM, SM, Physics, Eng lang, Soft dev (ATAR: 98.8 )

2019: BBankFi (Banking/finance and mathematics majors) (Scholars) @ monash (WAM: 88.7)
2020 - 2022: Bcom(finance)/DMath (App math) @ UniMelb (WAM: 87.5)

2021 Classes:
S1 FNCE30001, FNCE30007, MAST20026, MAST30021
S2 MAST30028, ECON20005, FNCE30010, MAST20004

2022 Classes:
S1 ECON30025, MAST30030, ACTL20001
S2 MAST30001, ACTL20003, ACTL20004

GOALS: Graduate with an honours degree and continue a career in quant trading, strat at BBIB, or quant research. Willing to chat about similar interests.