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September 23, 2023, 08:35:32 am

Author Topic: jen's vce plans  (Read 724 times)

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jen's vce plans
« on: June 23, 2021, 04:56:49 pm »
Hi, I am class of '23 and this is my VCE plans. I may put updates. Please if you have any advice i would love to hear it :)

2021 - year 10
1/2 Methods, geography, history, global politics, english langlit (combination introduction subject), religion, practical science, general science, viscom, english
2022 - year 11
3/4 Geography, 3/4 further maths, 1/2 english language, 1/2 chemistry, 1/2 physics, 1/2 specialist maths
2023 - year 12
3/4 Methods, 3/4 specialist, 3/4 physics, 3/4 english language, 3/4 chemistry

Not sure if you can tell but I love maths haha. Maths is my strong suit so I would like to maximise the amount of grades from that area. My goal is to study medicine, however, if i wasn't to get into undergrad medicine, I would like to undergrad engineering before transferring to medicine. But these are just plans and it is a long way away. Just thought I would give context. I was really tossing up between biology and chemistry. But I feel like physics will open up more options for me, especially considering bio is not a pre-req to hardly anything, including medicine.
I really don't like english and I feel that language will be a much better fit for me. Other than english, I currently have straight As and A+s.
I also play flute, and am currently doing 6th grade AMEB, and am planning to push myself to do 8th grade AMEB before the start of year 12 in 2023.

Thanks for reading!

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